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Empower The Individual

Learn How to Coach and Facilitate Transformational Programs and Retreats

Learn How to Coach Individuals in Ways that Inspire the Soul!

Practice Skills For Inner Balance and Learn How to Embrace Your Life’s Journey


Discover the Tools to Facilitate Transformational Retreats

Find the Keys to Advanced Human Development Through Equine Facilitated Learning


“What I have learned from Barbara has radically changed my life.

This inner journey left me with a core strength that has given me the ability to be fully present with another as a facilitator or as a friend…

The nuts and bolts of putting together and facilitating a workshop were presented in a very grounded and practical program and Barbara’s years of teaching and facilitating shine through in every moment of our learning.

The real gold nugget of this program is that the art of facilitation is learned from the inside out, from the heart to the head and not visa versa.

This is not a program to be learned and then left on the shelf like so many notebooks from a collage class. This is an experience that changes the individual, that has changed me, in such a deep and continually evolving way and has permeated every aspect of my life.”

Dr. Nancy Kehr, D.C.

Los Angeles, CA, Asheville, NC

Facilitator Mentorship Training

Learn how to create transformational programs and retreats that enrich the world. Find tools and skills to become an effective leader through experiential training with horses.

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Business Mentorship

Business Skills Training and Development For Coaches and Facilitators. Learn The Art Of Creating the Life and Career That You Love.

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“Once again, this mornings call was great!  I just can not tell you how much I am enjoying this work and working with you.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, I have worked with many people over the years and find that you have the best approach I have ever heard.

This work with you has been life changing for me.  Not only have I found a new and wonderful way to work with horses but I am learning a new way of understanding them and myself.  I feel like I “have come home”.

I have taken many courses that promise to help you “find your passion”, change your life, etc.” but yours is the first one to truly deliver what you advertise!  It is very exciting to find a new way to really help people, not by “fixing” them but by empowering them to find the greatness inside of themselves.

For the first time in years I feel like I am beginning again, and at my age, that is truly exciting!”


Kay Butler

Owner, Entrepreneur

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