Step Away From The Desk | Barbara Alexander

I finally admitted it, my spirit seems to thrive “working” at my business, but it often keeps me tied to my desk.

Yet when I’m honest with myself, my habits of working were what needed to change.

I feel the HAPPIEST when I could step away from my desk and immerse myself in nature, self-care and heart connections in person. Just thinking about it conjures feelings of inspiration and I have found what I need to truly thrive requires an occasional reboot away from the desk.

When I stay focused for too long, I can feel how it affects my outlook on life in a way that I didn’t even notice before. I had a habit of just plowing through whatever needed to get done.

If you have to schedule “me time,” then you probably know what I mean, and chances are the “me time” frequently gets rescheduled for a later date.

When I go on my travel adventures, I always find new inspiration and gain more insight into my life and the things that are needed for me to thrive. It is a feeling that is hard to describe, but I know the sense of freedom and flow when it happens, and it’s on the deepest levels.

With each new growth-oriented adventure, I learn so much about myself and about others on this journey.

This is what ultimately brings new direction and inspiration, it’s what makes the heart sing and realigns your life with the call of your soul.

Sure, you need to put in time at your desk, but if you don’t find inner balance and create time for inspiration, creativity, and insight – then you won’t make real strides in your life.
And it’s hard to do it alone.

That’s precisely why I created The Whispers of Your Soul Retreat
It’s your chance to:

  • Be pampered and slow down in luxury
  • Rebalance your emotional, physical and intuitive energy
  • Recalibrate your inner GPS towards wellbeing
  • Recharge with the breathing space that literally fills your soul
  • Rediscover the parts of you that are missing in your life
  • Realign your with your soul’s call through a series of amazing experiential sessions in the Scottish Highlands
  • Meet incredible women on a similar journey and discover the mutually supportive community we all desire.Learn more: