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You Have The Answer Inside Of You.

This workshop is the Rosetta Stone that provides the tools for translation and map for unravelling – you. Importantly, it creates the space in which the answers bubble up to the surface. The sentient horses are inimitable coaches – they tell it like it is. Deeply moving. If you are as lucky as I, the humans are the framework, the loving community and in no small way, a little bit of magic.
Insightful and possibly life changing.’ 
Caroline Hern


Each Time With Barbara, I Unlock Another Piece Of The Puzzle

To try to describe what Barbara has done for me and my life is truly difficult to put into words. I first met her in 2017 during a workshop in Littleton, Colorado. At the time, I saw what people I admired were doing in my field and I thought I had to have superpowers to do things like that. Over the course of five days, Barbara helped me discover that I actually had everything I needed already.

I didn’t realize that every time I made a decision, I had the choice to do so from a place of intuition. I had battled my entire life (until meeting Barbara) with trying to dampen my intuition and make “logical” choices but something was wrong because I wan’t happy. I didn’t trust the signals and messages my body was giving me because I had been programed not to listen,I thought the heart makes rash decisions. Barbara was the first person who helped me find the courage to listen to my own internal guidance. This alone changed my life.

Each time I’ve worked with Barbara, I’ve unlocked another piece of the puzzle that’s been missing. She continues to impact and change my life from afar as I remember the beautiful lessons and skills she’s given me in the three workshops I’ve completed with her. She’s kind, thoughtful and has a beautiful way of connecting with each person exactly where they’re at in their journey, with no judgment.

The skills I’ve learned in her workshops not only changed the way I work, but they changed the way I see and respond to the world. By showing me a new way of being, Barbara freed me of a 6+ year battle with chronic anxiety.

With the newfound freedom to truly feel into my choices, I took the leap in early 2019 to listen to my inner guidance and follow my dreams. I took the leap. It changed my life in such amazing ways I cannot even believe it.

If you’re ready to take a leap into this beautifully vast world of endless possibilities, this is the woman to help you get there. ❤️

Jess Roberts

Jessica Roberts

It looked different. As I approached, it FELT different.

Her session with the small group and onlookers had already begun when I slogged through the mud and slush to have a look-see at what Barbara and this horse in the round pen were up to.  It looked different.  As I approached, it felt different.  Something was going on in that pen between them, and I needed to know more. 

I’d gone to Littleton in the spring to audit the three phases of the experiential learning program that Barbara, Magali, and Frederic were presenting for the second year.  Good friends had attended the year before and encouraged a troupe of us to go check it out.  I was looking forward, mostly, to learning more about the Real Horse Stuff—obviously from Frederic and Magali (The International stars and originators of Cavalia).  But what Barbara did in that round pen was more than just between a horse and a person. 

I was transfixed and needed to know MORE.  I hung out for a while, and she invited me to have a few minutes with a rather cheeky gelding who put me in my place toot-sweet!  In the rather short time I spent with Barbara, the others, and the horses, I knew I needed to know more about this different way of communicating—not just with the horses, but with any sentient being. 

So about that different way of communicating . . .  I had plenty of pride in knowing that I’m an effective communicator.  That goes for people as well as horses, dogs, cats, etc.  After all, I had studied it in college, and I’ve applied it in my businesses for a quarter of a century!  

Well, that gelding told on me in a split second.  I got too close too quick, and he pushed back in no uncertain terms (safely, mind you!).  With Barbara’s guidance I was able to approach him on his terms, and I was able to convey my boundary to him when he approached me.  A conversation had begun, and a spark of curiosity was borne in my spirit.  

What was this magic she dispensed? The horses and the people in and around that pen were radiating an energy that I’d never experienced before, and Barbara was the guiding light for my seeing it.  I was experiencing a different way of communicating.  I became aware of what kind of energy I was putting out and what kind of energy was coming back to me. 

My assertive nature and behavior might not be particularly well suited to beginning a new relationship!   My energy going toward that horse was Too Much for him.  Gosh, I wonder if some people might feel the same way?  The wheels were turning in those few minutes, and I still needed to know MORE.

Visiting Magali’s and Frederic’s sessions after a baptism in Barbara’s session gave me new eyes and opened my whole being into better understanding what they were doing with the horses, riders, and handlers.  It wasn’t “magic”.   It was simple.  I quickly learned—through the horse—that I can modulate my energy output to accommodate the other being, and that agreement initiates honest communication between us.  Barbara’s insight and guidance helped me quickly see and internalize this energy management. 

After that day in and around that pen, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Barbara, Frederic, and Magali at a special two-day retreat in Ft. Collins, then a 5-day retreat in 2019 in France.  The other participants and I quickly become comfortable with each other and shared intimate experiences together, often revealing things about ourselves that we’ve kept hidden.  Those experiences, for me, were cleansing at the very least.  At the most, I’ve learned so much more about how I present myself to others including my horse.  I’m more patient with him, and our relationship (and our work) has improved immensely.  At work I’ve “rocked back” (a Barbara-ism) and have been rewarded with even richer and healthier (read profitable) relationships. 

I’ve worked with Barbara via Zoom over the summer to help me further define and refine the tools she’s helped me discover within myself.  Her guidance has helped me through some life challenges and has provided me with different perspectives from which to view those challenges.  The opportunities that were created out of those challenges have been rich and rewarding. 

My life is filled with much more joy, and I’m finding it much easier to define a “problem” emotion and more quickly navigate into healthier territory.  All my relationships are healthier, and I’m finding greater ease in moving through conflicts.  This would not have been possible if I were still unaware of how my energy affects others.  Those minutes in the round pen under Barbara’s guidance provided a revelation, and the vibrations from that are still resounding in my being. 

In closing, I will continue working with Barbara to hone my skills to further improve my life and those around me. I look forward to working again with Frederic and Magali. I will say that if it were “just” those two, there would be a huge piece missing. Barbara is the conduit for a greater understanding of the “magic” you see when Frederic and Magali work with the horses. 

Martha Brown

President, Advantage Brokerage Corporation

Recognizing My Part In Creating My Life

I am back home and I woke up early and engaged in my newly revived ritual of lighting a candle while enjoying coffee and the sun lightening up the world. I do best when I center myself spiritually first thing in the morning and today I had a big aha moment. “Recognize my part in creating my life.”

This is a big part of Barbara’s teachings on focus. So I made this simple graphic to help me remember. Sometimes it’s how somebody else describes it that helps me make a connection within myself.

(You choose which one you want to be)
Just rearrange four letters!

Jane Pipkin

Self-Employed, Aiken, SC

Teresa Reynolds Women In Leadership

"When individual concerns developed among my instructors, my staff and my programs, I became excellent at fixing, saving and repairing problems, but over time it became exhausting.

Through Barbara's training I've learned skills to use my own energy differently and found tools to nurture my teams through empowered accountability.

After a full year of integrating the strategies learned, my programs have become more cohesive and my teams are more adept at creating their own solutions.

The work I've done with Barbara and her extraordinary horses is completely genuine and true. My professional life is more enjoyable and personally, I’m more joyful, more peaceful, and more authentic than ever"

Teresa Reynolds

Director Professional Development, Sandhills College, Pinehurst, NC

I Returned Home Feeling Motivated and Inspired

“I enthusiastically recommend Barbara’s workshop. The interaction with the horses, the thought provoking exercises and the group interaction proved transformational for me.

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As an executive coach I look for workshops that are unique and deliver results that will improve my effectiveness as a leader, this workshop delivered!


I returned home feeling motivated and inspired, and would highly recommend this work to any high achiever who wants to take it to the next level.”

Sandy Carter

MBA, PhD., Haslett, MI

Shifting From Ordinary Time to Sacred Time

"Most of us seperate ordinary time from sacred time in our lives. We do our spirituality like we might do a job, it can be structured, a routine like a task, rather than an opening to a way of Being throughout our lives.
When I left this place I re-entered ordinary time but I was forever altered.

Once we learn how to live from sacred time, we can see how our entire lives are enriched, balanced within, and more joyous than we ever imagined.
The more I am involved in living from this place the less separation exists between ordinary time and sacred time."


Dr. Nancy Kehr, D.C.

Los Angeles, CA, Asheville, NC

“She Holds the Energy for Magic to Happen”

“Barbara creates incredibly sacred and beautiful spaces for personal development. She does a masterful job of leading groups and individuals while holding the energy needed for magic to happen. Her space is loving, gentle and allows energy to flow in the ways we all aspire to achieve in our lives. Her guidance, assistance and support is incredibly uplifting, and I highly recommend her and her facilities to anyone interested in her offerings.”

Amanda Koh

Author, Senior Digital Modeler at Kenworth Truck Co.

To say the weekend was amazing, mystical, profound, and transformative would not be engaging in hyperbole…

The horses served as ‘biological mirrors’ for us, providing a form of bio-feedback. The feedback came to us in different ways at different times. We may have experienced energetic sensations in our bodies, felt emotional shifts, picked up telepathic thoughts or images, or simply grasped an inner knowing of the message they had for us.

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Linda S.

Author Lifelines / Honoring the Human-animal Connection

Finding the Path to the Most Authentic Self

“Barbara has been a compassionate, empathic, and visionary mentor for me over the years. She excels in her ability to intuit where her students are and how to assist them in finding their own path to their most authentic selves. She has the ability to guide and mentor without judgement, bringing her students to their own conclusions and discoveries. Her experiential work helps guide and coach with clarity, grace and wisdom.” 


Mindy McCosker Weschler

RN, Teacher, Peace Corp

I Learned About Inner Balance, Not Only With Horses But In Life

“I went there to learn about the deeper aspects of horsemanship – but the training with Fred, Magali and Barbara offered so much more – it was transformational for me.  

I learned about inner balance and leadership, not only with my horses, but in life. The equine experiential sessions I did with Barbara were powerful pieces that were so helpful in my training with Frederic and Magali.  All of the sessions worked together perfectly and gave me so much more than I ever expected.

If you don’t experience the magic of this threesome you are missing out on something really special.  So, if you are on the fence about attending, make this life changing investment in yourself and go! “

Jen Rohlen

Atlanta, GA, Horses U

I have learned and grown so much…

“I have been amazed at the major shifts in my life since first participating in a retreat at Epona Ridge and then being a part of Mentorship Program. The horses are what first brought me to Barbara Alexander’s programs. Barbara’s skill, authenticity and warmth as a facilitator, mentor and coach is what keeps me coming back.

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I have learned and grown so much as I’ve flowed through the roles of participant, student, intern, graduate, mentor, facilitator, observer and master of creating sacred space & ritual.


Through my many experiences with Barbara Alexander at Epona Ridge I have shifted from someone who mostly works from their head, to someone who is adept at listening within for guidance and creativity.

I have learned to “be” in the present and appreciate it.

As a facilitator, one of the most valuable things I have discovered is how good it feels to not feel like you have to “fix” people. The art of holding space, seeing someone as whole and allowing the process and the horses to unfold whatever beautiful, insightful experience or pearl of wisdom that is appropriate for the participant at that time, has been a key learning for me in my journey to co-create with the horses a sacred space of possibilities where women tap into their inner wisdom, strength and joy.

I am so appreciative of all I have learned from Barbara, the horses and my own inner wisdom.”

Lynne Sullivan

Pisgah Forest, NC

I Had Lost Myself and My Inner Joy.

Through the years, I realized that I had lost myself… and my inner joy.

I had become all the labels: wife, mother, nurse, sister, daughter, all the rules, and restrictions that come along with those roles.

I felt lost, stressed, judged and tired.

I started working with Barbara and I finally found what I was searching for and I realized I was not alone.

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 As women, we often do not find the support and understanding that we need and yet we give out an exceptional amount of energy supporting everyone else. Barbara has offered me the tools to take care of myself, so I will have the ability to care for so many others. I’ve learned the art of listening to my inner self and skill of following my heart’s joy. I learned about my inner “critic” that says “You can’t do that because (fill in the blank)”. I can see patterns of behaviors or feelings in my life, and now I have the intuition to embrace and change them. As I continued my journey with Barbara, I found myself and joy again. I am feeling the powerful, spiritual, beautiful woman I am intended to be and always have been. I have found the support and guidance of other women who are finding their inner selves and sharing their journey with me. My experience has been transforming and magical. I am so blessed to have found this place and all it has to offer.
Veronica Harsany

Cheraw, SC

Finding My Lost World

“After I decided to quit breeding horses and reduce the herd to only 3-4 horses at my home for me to enjoy, I found myself looking for something new to do with my life.

I wanted to include the horses in some way but I was also interested in rediscovering my creative side. It would be great if I could combine the two, but I couldn’t see how that would work.

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I began investigating different ways of working with horses that did not involve riding while at the same time exploring ideas about finding my true self and uncovering my life’s purpose.

I met Barbara Alexander, the owner of Sacred You Academy at Epona Ridge and knew I had found someone who could help me discover the way to find my heart’s purpose. And I knew that I wanted to help others to find what I had found.

During the year long Mentorship and Entrepreneurial Artistry programs I learned that nothing I did would be satisfying and successful unless it was truly what was calling me.

While working on how to facilitate many experiential learning exercises (with horses and without), I also began rediscovering my own creativity and with Barbara’s help I began to see how I could combine it with my love of horses.

Following my intuition, acting when the right opportunities come along, and doing what I love has created my dream – this Lost World of mine.”

Linda Wanstreet

Owner, Entrepreneur , Blooming Wild Photo Art

Uniquely Perfect Path for Spiritual and Intuitive Development

“What an amazing and incredible retreat. I feel so blessed to have been a part of it.

The experience I had with Cierba was wild and I still can’t put it into words. I hope to participate more in this work in some form or fashion.

It is powerful and a uniquely perfect path for spiritual growth and intuitive development. I would love to know about future offerings as they arise.”

Meghan Okkerse

Got Everything I Needed

“I was amazed by the program and all of the women that were there. What a supportive and mindful group. I felt as if I were pampered the entire time by people who cared about my spiritual, emotional and physical needs. I wish there was more time to get to know everyone. I do have to say I am so glad I went. This opportunity came at a time when I needed it to figure out a few things.

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Barbara’s place is a little piece of heaven and so peaceful. I didn’t want to leave. She is truly wonderful. For the final exercise I worked with Magic since we are both oldJ. He was very sweet, responsive and helpful. It was wonderful. So I loved my time in Asheville. Got everything I needed for my fall refueling.”
Kathleen Jonila

Where am I going with my one true life?

“I recently had lunch with a friend and we ruminated on how fulfilling and magical our time at the Sacred You Retreat was. We talked about how we each came away refreshed, renewed and subtly but powerfully changed.

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My time with you and the women of the retreat — and my extraordinary experience with your supremely majestic and wise horses — was foundational in giving me a healing and deep look at myself.

Honestly, the Sacred You Academy retreat should be required for every woman who wakes up in her midlfe and wonders where she went, and more importantly, where she is going with her one true life.

I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes:

‘Don’t go through life; grow through life.’ ― Eric Butterworth”

Suzanne Luckenbach

Durham, NC

I Feel Like I Have Come Home

” I just can not tell you how much I am enjoying this work and working with Barbara. I feel like I have come home.

This work has been life changing for me.

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Not only have I found a new and wonderful way to work with horses but I am learning a new way of understanding them and myself.


I have taken many courses that promise to help you “find your passion”, change your life, etc.” but this is the first one to truly deliver what is advertised!

It is very exciting to me to find a new way to really help people, not by “fixing” them but by empowering them to find the greatness inside of themselves.

For the first time in years I feel like I am beginning again, and at my age, that is truly exciting!!

As a business owner and entrepreneur, I have worked with many people over the years and find that Barbara has the best approach and verbiage I have ever heard.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone again this April and to the experience of learning even more.”

Kay Butler

Little Rock, AK

Step Into The Center Of Your Life And Say YES!

“Before coming to Barbara’s retreat, I felt like I was on a downward spiral of fear – I had a health concern and was maybe moving toward death…”

It took all summer to finally resolve and during that time I was freaking out and decided to sign up for the first retreat I could attend at Epona Ridge which was a Reiki training. (and it led to so much more)

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It felt like a blessed relief to be there with Barbara and several other women who could be real and vulnerable and loved and accepted. The work was so powerful to really feel the energy of other people and to experience my own healing power.

The following year I began the year long Mentorship program of study at Epona Ridge.

Now, what has come to me after having completed the Mentorship program – is that I have experienced so much more joy and openness in my life.

I know even more fully that this is what I am. I have known and studied for decades that our basic being is basic goodness – but I had lost sight of it in my own fear.

The community of wise women, (grand mares) here at Epona Ridge is such a gift and a blessing. I’m not sure what it is my life’s energy may tune to – but I will do it at joy and inspiration and will be a mentor and inspiration to others.

I now feel the power to go forward into the unknown trusting in the basic goodness – that I will get what I need if I keep my heart open and mind in awareness. The solace and peace of Epona Ridge will never leave me.

If I could go back to before I started, I would tell myself to Be WILD and TAKE A RISK ….

This particular life as ‘Rosemary Sharp’ is your life and LIVE IT FULLY!

Trust the process, Epona Ridge is a place of safety and respect and generosity.

A place to grow and have wise support in the growing.

A place to be real and blossom.

A place full of the magical spirit of horses and sky and mountains.

A place to step into the center of your life and say YES!”

Rosemary Sharp

Atlanta, GA

To Create Space For New Growth

“I feel during this whole week, the world outside has matched the world
inside my soul, constantly changing, continuously growing.
Like the colorful fall leaves on the trees of this North Carolina mountainside, no matter
their beauty, they must die and fall away to create space for the new growth to come.
A total transformation.”

Natalie Joyce

Seattle, WA

You Gave Me the Tools to Help Me Find the Answer Within Myself

“I needed to step into the vibration of what my heart sings for, so I can help that feeling, that beautiful vibration to rise in others.

I remembered that feeling and precious moment you gave me the tools to help me find that answer and connection within myself…

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From there the message was clear: my purpose is from now on to create a space where everyone can access that too, everyone can be the embodiment of their highest dream.


Because in finding their true purpose, what their heart sings for, they will open to receive the most precious gift they can give to themselves in this life time. And also open doors to be able to feel one with everything else, in clear consciousness of being in co creation with the universe.”

Julie Bechu

Sydney, Australia

Helped me to stay in the “now”

“Going through the Mentorship and starting a new direction with my professional horse career was truly the path I wanted to take.

This Mentorship journey has changed how I look at my life as well as changed how I look at others.”

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“It has helped me in staying in the ‘now’… and staying positive!

One of the most helpful as well as the most difficult parts of the program was working on ourselves.

I got to know myself and found my center, my place of whole…

I found that we have to be in our centered place before we can learn to hold space for others.

During this Mentorship things in my work have exploded and I can’t wait to share what I have learned!”

Kristin DeLibero

Author, Trainer in Atlanta, GA, Horses U

It TRULY changed my life!

“This workshop became truly magical for me.

The possibilities were infinite in this group and absolutely incredible things happened.”

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“It became clear that everyone felt safe, even the animals, bringing me great joy and affirmation. Horses lay down with us and dreamed in true connection and affirmation of our truths and emotions.

Even Mother Nature joined our connection as she swiftly whipped up some swirling winds and dark clouds in response to our emotions and just as quickly cleared the skies and warmed us with the sun as we worked through it all.

Needless to say, I left there reeling and vibrating with the Universe in pure connected ecstasy. Barbara is extremely gifted. Any who may be privileged enough to experience her magic will be forever grateful as I will always find myself. It TRULY changed my life!”

Tammy Wilbur

Birmingham, AL

Incredibly Empowering

I had been to two workshops prior to the Mentorship, both of them focused on Reiki.So, while I had some idea of what to expect, I was still unprepared for the growth I experienced during this 8-month program.

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“Learning to feel where my energy is, has been incredibly helpful in my understanding of relationships and day-to-day interactions. I began noticing my lack of boundaries and how that had manifested in so many different ways in every aspect of my life.

“My experience at Epona Ridge was incredibly empowering. Through working with Barbara, in partnership with her horses, I had an experience that completely changed my life.

“Since my time with Barbara, my friendships, health and work have changed in wonderful, powerful ways. I feel more grounded, happy and free than I’ve ever felt in my life.

“I am grateful beyond words for the opportunity to be able to participate in this program. And I am so excited to participate in the next level of growth in the Graduate Level of the Mentorship Program next year.”

Jana Kellam

Los Angeles, CA, Asheville, NC

The gift I took home was the missing link…

“I spent a big part of my life thinking and looking at things based on what I could see, smell or touch, and I made decisions based on that.

Then something profound happened that started me on a journey, and I became deeply immersed in the ‘spiritual’ world.

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I realized I was unable to create a bridge and neither experience felt complete on it’s own. I really wanted to be able to FEEL harmony between both ‘worlds’ inside of me.

The gift I took home was that missing link.

The horses taught me how to stay in my physical and emotional power while providing me with enormous spiritual, non physical insight.They helped ground me in the understanding that these worlds do not have to be separate, at once I felt ‘all as one’. I could feel the link between both ‘worlds’ in me.

That a beautiful, warm-hearted feeling and with a clear mind at the same time.

Barbara enforced MY OWN TRUTH and MY POWER.

The tools that I received were an extremely important piece for me. They provided the bridge that has helped me to integrate what I have learned into my everyday life.”

Ingrid Effert

Sedona, SC

Insight into my soul

“Going into the Mentorship Program, I was looking forward to learning how to work with the horses so that others could experience the amazing life-changing experiences I had. What I came out with was so much more.

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The horses provide insight into your soul.”

With Barbara as the co-facilitator, I was able to gently understand the nuances I was creating in some areas of my life that held me back in others.

This program taught me how to hold sacred space for others so that they can have their own recognitions rather than me showing up as the expert with all the answers. I laugh now at the thought that I could possibly know what is right or wrong for someone else. Finally, this program helped me recognize that I have everything I need to move forward and always have. Thank you Barbara, the other amazing women in my group and, of course, the herd!”

Sheppard Lake

Arlington, VA

Gratitude beyond words

“Thank you so much for the generosity you showed us all in opening your home and your heart in our Reiki retreat.

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I came weary and feeling I had somehow in my busy life lost a piece of myself that I reclaimed at Epona Ridge. I left connected more strongly to my heart and filled with gratitude beyond words.

I am excited and energized to take the many blessings I received there out into the world. Thank you for the Magic! I know there will be more of Epona Ridge for me as life unfolds.”

Jennifer Shaw


What I Learned Has Permeated Every Aspect of My Life

“The program started with an inner journey of learning, sometimes for the first time, how to really tune into our own wisdom and guidance.

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We learned how to listen to ourselves and be fully present with another. The horses co-facilitated with Barbara to teach us the subtle and heartfelt art of communication, setting healthy boundaries and being an authentic presence.

Over my lifetime I’ve attended many different workshops and each have helped me along my life’s path of self awareness and connection to Spirit.

What I have learned from Barbara and from her wonderful co-facilitators, the horses, is something that has radically changed my life.

This inner journey left me with a core strength that has given me the ability to be fully present with another as a facilitator or as a friend.

When I signed up for the Mentorship program initially I was doing so with the idea of resuming something I had done nearly 30 years ago which was working in a program that used horses to help mentally and physically challenged children.

Barbara’s website drew me to her mentorship training and after a conversation and experiencing her authenticity, I knew she was the one I wanted to study with.

What I did not know was that such personal transformation would take place.

The nuts and bolts of putting together and facilitating a workshop were presented in a very grounded and practical program and Barbara’s years of teaching and facilitating shine through in every moment of our learning.

The biggest difference and what I feel is the real gold nugget of this mentorship program is that the art of facilitation is learned from the inside out, from the heart to the head and not visa versa.

I am a very left brained individual so to learn to facilitate from the core of my being instead of just from the neck up I feel has allowed me to have a much broader way of being of service to my clients.

This is not a program to be learned and then left on the shelf like so many notebooks from a collage class. This is an experience that changes the individual, that has changed me, in such a deep and continually evolving way that there are too many words and yet not enough to express the power of the journey.

What I learned, or rather experienced has permeated every aspect of my life.”

Dr. Nancy Kehr, D.C.

Los Angeles, CA, Asheville, NC