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Hi, I'm Barbara Alexander and for starters, you can begin right now!

Together, through this audio training, we'll discover the most common default pattern that may be taking you in the wrong direction.

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Intuitive Awareness: Way of the Horse

Wisdom & Joy, An Experiential Retreat

August 19-20, 2021  Asheville, NC
Through intuitive development you will discover the inner connection to all things. This Epona Ridge retreat includes experiential learning with horses and nature as our teachers. No prior experience is necessary and all sessions are done from the ground.

Scottish Highlands

April 18-25, 2022 - Experiential Learning Retreat
Escape with Barbara on this wander-must adventure through the landscapes and legends of Scotland. Awaken to a land of inspiration and discover a love affair with life.

Equine Facilitated Learning

Interested in Hosting a Workshop?

Talk with Barbara about creating a private retreat for you and your friends to discover more about yourselves, your intuitive energy, and joy through experiential learning facilitated with horses.

Mentorship Training

Facilitator Training Mentorship

Through the skills taught in Experiential Learning, building a business couldn't be more fun! Over the course of 6 months, you will learn how to facilitate personal growth and inspirational retreats that enrich the world, practice skills that embrace your own life’s journey and create a deep sense of fulfillment both personally and professionally.

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What Others Are Saying About These Programs

Shifting From Ordinary Time to Sacred Time

"Most of us seperate ordinary time from sacred time in our lives. We do our spirituality like we might do a job, it can be structured, a routine like a task, rather than an opening to a way of Being throughout our lives.

When I left the retreat I re-entered ordinary time but I was forever altered.

Once we learn how to live from sacred time, we can see how our entire lives are enriched, balanced within, and more joyous than we ever imagined."

Dr. Nancy Kehr, D.C.

Los Angeles, CA, Asheville, NC

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More About Barbara

There is a deeply spiritual connection to horses that greets us with compassion and clarity.

The sheer joy is almost beyond my ability to express, yet I know it well.

I find myself in awe of those moments in time when who I am is no longer separate, but connected to all that is.

They help us discover the sanctuary of the heart.

~ Barbara Alexander, Founder, Epona Ridge

Articles and Inspiration

Energy of Connection

Energy of Connection

Little did I know that energy could create trust and connection in relationship with a 1500 horse! And in the process, I found an answer to something that would form the foundation and trajectory of my life and study.

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Horses As Teachers – Practically And Soulfully

Horses As Teachers – Practically And Soulfully

Experiential learning has become a powerful and proven approach to teaching based on one incontrovertible reality: people learn best through experience. Experiential learning with horses offers unfamiliar experiences and unique opportunities to learn personally and...

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Live Your Very Best Life

Live Your Very Best Life

What If You Could Have The Inside Scoop On How To Live Your Very Best Life? Have you ever found yourself stuck, feeling a bit panicked about a looming decision or concerned about something happening in your life? In that moment, what would you give to have...

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