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You May Have Accomplished Many Things, But The Measure Of Fulfillment Is The Amount Of Joy You Feel, EVERY DAY…


…At Some Point, You Realize Life Is Just Too Short To Waste Another Moment.

Hi, I’m Barbara Alexander, and I’ve created a tool to Decode Inner-Wisdom so you can reclaim inner-balance, especially in worrisome times!

Together, through this 30 minute training, we’ll discover the most common patterns that cause frustration. It’s like getting a closed-door private coaching session with me. (And it’s FREE!)


What Others Are Saying About These Programs

Shifting From Ordinary Time to Sacred Time

"Most of us seperate ordinary time from sacred time in our lives. We do our spirituality like we might do a job, it can be structured, a routine like a task, rather than an opening to a way of Being throughout our lives.

When I left the retreat I re-entered ordinary time but I was forever altered.

Once we learn how to live from sacred time, we can see how our entire lives are enriched, balanced within, and more joyous than we ever imagined."

Dr. Nancy Kehr, D.C.

Los Angeles, CA, Asheville, NC

Coaching Calls


Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado



April 9-22, 2021 - Colorado
Frederic Pignon, Magali Delgado, and Barbara Alexander present 3 workshops founded on the belief that the journey to genuine connection is built on clarity, kindness, and joy. Each workshop provides the opportunity to learn and participate in the subtle dance between human and horse. 


Scottish Highlands


April 18-25, 2022 - Experiential Learning Retreat
Join Barbara on an enchanted adventure through the landscapes and legends of Scotland. This retreat inspires both personal and professional development and promises to advance the mastery of intuitive intelligence and inner balance. 


Equine Facilitated Learning

Interested in Hosting a Workshop?

Talk with Barbara about creating a private retreat for you and your friends to discover more about yourselves, your intuitive energy, and joy through experiential learning facilitated with horses.

Mentorship Training

Facilitator Training Mentorship

Through the skills taught in Equine Facilitated Learning, building a business couldn't be more fun! Over the course of 8 months, you will learn how to facilitate personal growth and inspirational retreats that enrich the world, practice skills that embrace your own life’s journey and create a deep sense of fulfillment both personally and professionally. 

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Why Equine Experiential Learning?

There is a deeply spiritual connection to horses that greets us with compassion and clarity. The sheer joy is almost beyond my ability to express, but I know it well.

We find ourselves in awe of those moments in time when who we are is no longer separate, but connected to all that is.

The horses guide us as we stand beside them on this personal and transformational journey. They lead us into the sanctuary of the heart, where we can find the gateway to our own natural and personal rhythm, where we grow by identifying with our inner truths and learn from the gifts of listening within.
~ Barbara Alexander, Founder, Epona Ridge

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