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Intuitive Wisdom
and The Way of the Horse

There is something very special about the horse/human bond, it offers a mystical connection to life itself. 

In these retreats, horses teach humans about intuitive wisdom and communication skills that stem from inner balance and a clear mind. They help us refine our ability to hear the unspoken and to finally understand.

When we step into the unknown with horses, through synchronistic intuition, we open the heart to deep wisdom, inspiration, and joy.




Business Mentorship

Angels in Our Landscape, A Pilgrimage Within to Celtic Ireland

May 24-29, 2019 Westport, Ireland
Join us for an all-inclusive women's retreat in Ireland! An experience that is sure to stir the collective soul memory, imbue you with restorative powers and open your heart to the magic and the mystery of nature.

Provence, France

September 2019
A mix of technical and personal skill providing the steps to pure inspiration and personal transformation with horses! 

Reiki Retreat

Reiki: The Path Of the Healer

The practice of Reiki: Way of the Healer is possibly one of the most amazing expansions of the human spirit. Here you will learn the tools to hold the highest vibration in connection to humans, animals and nature, a unique healing space that honors the greatest potential of life.

Business Mentorship

Business and Life Development Coach

Discover the benefits of having your own personal coach. Through this unique program, you learn how to step forward into the LIFE YOU WANT TO CREATE. This coaching process provides ongoing one on one support for the integration of skills that multiply joy and inner balance while you rediscover inspiration and the You that you were meant to be.

Equine Facilitated Learning

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There is a deeply spiritual connection to horses that greets us with compassion and clarity. The sheer joy is almost beyond my ability to express, but I know it well.

We find ourselves in awe of those moments in time when who we are is no longer separate, but connected to all that is.

The horses guide us as we stand beside them on this personal and transformational journey. They lead us into the sanctuary of the heart, where we can find the gateway to our own natural and personal rhythm, where we grow by identifying with our inner truths and learn from the gifts of listening within.
~ Barbara Alexander, Founder, Epona Ridge

Horses of the Camargue Banner: photo copyright 2019 Carolyn Maier 

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