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Want The Secret To Inner Balance?

It’s Here When You’re Ready

Hi, I'm Barbara Alexander, and I want to share one of the most powerful tools I use when life gets frustrating; it helps to find clarity, peace, and direction instead of confusion and discomfort.

This training teaches you to decode the chaos and tune in to inner wisdom; it's like an auto-correct straight from your heart.

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Beyond Words

Asheville NC - Saturdays, May-June 2024
Embark on a unique journey with Barbara Alexander in this Equine-Inspired Saturday Mini-Series. Step into horse time and discover the magic and sentient connection possible between horses and humans.


Business Mentorship

Blissful Inner Journey

November 6-10, 2024, Epona Ridge, Asheville, North Carolina
Have you been looking for something different, something almost indescribable, from that place that yearns for more grace and depth in your life? Join us for this women's retreat, invoking the heart's wisdom and rejuvenation.

Unspoken Energy

Energy Dynamics
An invisible communication between us can open you to a world of safety, inspiration, and co-creation or create blocks of dysfunction and frustration. This experiential training workshop develops self-awareness through real-time biofeedback from horses, teaching us about inner balance, emotional intelligence, and discovering the keys to genuine relationships.

Equine Facilitated Learning

Interested in Hosting a Workshop?

Talk with Barbara about creating a private retreat for you and your friends to discover more about yourselves, your intuitive energy, and joy through experiential learning facilitated with horses.

Video Podcast: Under The Forelock

“When does a clinic end up being a profound, life changing experience? I talk with Barbara Alexander who organized and facilitated a clinic with Frederic & Magali Pignon that I attended. I thought I was going there to learn liberty training and okay, some “leadership” exercises. I got a bit more than I expected!
Barbara and I talk about how horses can teach and facilitate finding our way to joy.  We talk about boundaries, leadership, and being tuned in to ourselves. And for those of us who are riders, the exercises had the added benefit of being very aware of how you communicate non-verbally, and how that works (or doesn’t work!).”
Betsy Bilhorn

Articles and Inspiration

How To Find Clarity With Difficult Decisions

How To Find Clarity With Difficult Decisions

Remember, it’s normal to feel nervous when making important decisions. However, by taking these steps and giving yourself time and space, you can alleviate some of the anxiety and make a decision that feels right for you.

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The Merens of the Pyrenees

The Merens of the Pyrenees

It may be that the journey to finding peace within is to develop the courage and inner strength our vulnerability has helped reveal, and in so doing, we discover, with a clear and compassionate heart, who we truly are… connected, whole and loved.

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Horses As Teachers – Practically And Soulfully

Horses As Teachers – Practically And Soulfully

Experiential learning has become a powerful and proven approach to teaching based on one incontrovertible reality: people learn best through experience. Experiential learning with horses offers unfamiliar experiences and unique opportunities to learn personally and...

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