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"The measurement of true success is very simple, it's the JOY you experience in everything you do."

Barbara's passion is coaching women
on the path to creating a greater tomorrow...

Barbara Alexander worked in corporate performance improvement for twenty years. Since leaving the corporate world she has dedicated her life to women's development and training through the emerging field of Experiential Learning. Participants say her retreats literally transform lives both personally and professionally.

An Internationally trained Reiki Master, Healer, and Teacher, Barbara is also certified as an Equine Experiential Learning Professional (EFEL) and graduate of Eponaquest Worldwide. Barbara specializes in women's personal and professional development through coaching, retreats, and mentorships for soulful life development.




Why Horses

Many women found a sacred connection to horses in their early childhood or, are finding it now much later in life. We share a similar story in that we experienced an unusual opening of the heart. It has been described as a completely different kind of connection to another being, one that feels like a soul alignment with a more significant part of life.

This dynamic effect isn’t limited to those who have had previous experience with horses.

Scientific studies are beginning to explain why this is possible. It is as if we get stuck in the analytic side of thought and inadvertently close ourselves off from the possibility of a deeper level of intuitive connection. Through our physical proximity with horses, our energetic balance shifts opening us to more intuitive levels of awareness.

We find ourselves in awe of those moments in time when who we are is no longer separate, but connected to all that is. The horses help us open our hearts as we stand beside them on this personal and transformational journey. They help us hear from the sanctuary of the heart, where we can find the gateway to our own natural and personal rhythm, where we grow by identifying with our inner truths and learn from the gifts of listening within. ~ Barbara Alexander, Founder, Epona Ridge



Barbara Alexander and her horse Zorro


Barbara offers training programs at Epona Ridge in Asheville, North Carolina as well as various locations worldwide. Contact Barbara

At Epona Ridge, our horses roam freely on the mountain. Our space together is an indoor Picadero designed with sacred geometry and large openings to the mountains in the distance. The horses have co-created with many people over the years through this sacred work at liberty. They always the choice to be present. Just Being with these sentient beings provides a sense of peace, like deep meditation and inner bliss. 

Quieting the Mind

Epona Ridge is a beautiful property located in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. Many spaces have been designed for personal reflection and inner rejuvenation. We have found a key component of this work is the skill to quiet the mind. When you truly learn how to quiet your mind, you stop thought. When you stop thought, you find that you stop resistance to deeper wisdom. When you stop resistance, you are in a state of allowing clarity and inner guidance to flow as you move towards life in balance.

These special teachers have dramatically accelerated personal growth and have proven to be masters of empowerment, creativity, inspiration, and joy. It is a spiritual retreat that feeds the soul.