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About Barbara Alexander



I worked in the corporate world for twenty years, helping companies implement change and performance improvement.

My weeks were filled with long hours, I reached many peaks of my career, and I had lived on adrenaline for so long that I didn't even realize how empty I had become.

My life and work habits were taking a toll on my happiness and wellbeing long before I realized it.

I went into what I called a 'sacred void' in my life, a time of not knowing who I really was and what I wanted. All I knew for sure was that I didn't want to waste one more day of my life in the numbness I had become.

It was because of this powerfully confusing time in my life that I rekindled my love for horses, and the idea to create retreats, a comfortable place for women to stop, regroup and recalibrate their lives towards their own Soulful fulfillment first began. 

I discovered that the measurement of REAL success is straightforward, it's the amount of JOY you experience every day.





So I began to research about the wisdom of the mind/body connection and the evolution of science and spirit. And that's how I knew my life's calling, by the way it made me feel - positively invigorated and full of joy!

Now I'm publishing a book on this journey and my own discovery of the human signature energy and I am passionate about facilitating boutique retreats for women to discover the keys to their best life yet.

The combination of studying Reiki over nine years in Hong Kong and becoming a healer and teacher, along with training for Equine Experiential Learning, provided beautiful, intuitive gifts to facilitate women in personal development.

My retreats and programs offer a unique laboratory of learning for women with the perfect blend of relaxation and rejuvenation from the intensity of our lives, an invitation to inspire the heart through the exploration of enchanted lands, and enrichment sessions that engage inner wisdom to discover the keys to create our best life yet.





Why Horses

Many women found a sacred connection to horses in their early childhood or, are finding it now much later in life. We share a similar story in that we experienced an unusual opening of the heart. It has been described as a completely different kind of connection to another being, one that feels like a soul alignment with a more significant part of life.

This dynamic effect isn’t limited to those who have had previous experience with horses.

Scientific studies are beginning to explain why this is possible. It is as if we get stuck in the analytic side of thought and inadvertently close ourselves off from the possibility of a deeper level of intuitive connection. Through our physical proximity with horses, our energetic balance shifts opening us to more intuitive levels of awareness.

We find ourselves in awe of those moments in time when who we are is no longer separate, but connected to all that is. The horses help us open our hearts as we stand beside them on this personal and transformational journey. They help us hear from the sanctuary of the heart, where we can find the gateway to our own natural and personal rhythm, where we grow by identifying with our inner truths and learn from the gifts of listening within. ~ Barbara Alexander, Founder, Epona Ridge



Barbara Alexander and her horse Zorro


Barbara offers training programs at Epona Ridge in Asheville, North Carolina as well as various locations worldwide. Contact Barbara

At Epona Ridge, our horses roam freely on the mountain. Our space together is an indoor Picadero designed with sacred geometry and large openings to the mountains in the distance. The horses have co-created with many people over the years through this sacred work at liberty. They always the choice to be present. Just Being with these sentient beings provides a sense of peace, like deep meditation and inner bliss. 

Quieting the Mind

We have found a key component of this work is the skill to quiet the mind and open to the intuitive connection within. When you truly learn how to quiet your mind, you stop thought. When you stop thought, you find that you stop resistance to deeper wisdom. When you stop resistance, you are in a state of allowing clarity and inner guidance to flow as you move towards life in balance and genuine connection to others.

These special teachers have dramatically accelerated personal growth and have proven to be masters of empowerment, creativity, inspiration, and joy. It is a spiritual retreat that feeds the soul.