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A Women's Retreat in Scotland


Where You Can Discover The Whispers Of Your Soul!











May 17 – 24, 2021… after the world awakens to travel once again!

If you’re ready to step into your soulful life, then join Barbara Alexander, retreat-leader, personal-growth facilitator and life coach, for a heart-led retreat to the Scottish Highlands where you can regroup and recharge for your best life yet.

The essential elements for ongoing health and happiness are hidden by STRESS AND TENSION – CREATED BY HABITS OF WORRY, RESPONSIBILITY, AND LACK OF FOCUS on the things that are truly important.

If there is one thing we have learned, our well-being will never be taken for granted again. Next May, 2021 may be the perfect time for YOU to regroup and realign your life as you want it to be going forward!

This retreat offers that opportunity by giving you the time and space for inward reflection through joyful exploration and experiential adventures in the enchanted Highlands of Scotland. 

Every day is designed for you to get real with yourself and connect to your inner wisdom so that you can discover the best version of you and your life to come.

Our retreat in Scotland provides the time and place to discover what truly matters to you. You will learn how to hear the whispers of your soul so you can find clear guidance, now and forever…


What you seek is beyond the current chatter of the mind, beyond the worry, doubts, and hopes about life direction. 

You have always had this internal navigation system, tuned to your highest good; it’s just that most of us are moving too fast to take the time to listen.

Some places naturally empower connection to our ever-present truth and have offered support for personal alignment over thousands of years.

The energy among sacred sites and power spots within the Scottish Highlands is such a place.





Step Away From Everyday Life

and Cross the Veil

Between the Worlds






Highlights of Our UNFORGETABLE Journey!

Eight Days & Seven Nights 

Imagine time for rejuvenation, nourishing organic food, sacred lands and soulful learning… all while staying in one of the most beautiful Country Manors of the Scottish Highlands chosen for the sole purpose of replenishing your mind, body, and spirit.

We’ll be waiting for you here May 17 –  24, 2021. 

Private Coaching Sessions 

In addition to the many enrichment programs interlaced throughout the week, you’ll get two one-on-one private coaching sessions with Barbara. 

There will be one before the program starts to help with your preparation, and one on-site in Scotland, to ensure that you have what you need to make this the best retreat possible.

Experiential Learning in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland

From sacred power sites to hairy coos, miles of beautiful trails, hillwalks, and pleasure, Scotland awaits!

Standing Stones and Sacred Sites

You may recognize the inspiration for the hit TV series Outlander, never-the-less the stories ring true.

Throughout countless lifetimes humans have made pilgrimages across Europe, drawn by the spiritual magnetism of these sacred sites and power places.

Up until the day you arrive, you can only imagine what you will feel where the veil between the worlds is thin.

For some, it is like a loving awareness that is almost beyond words. For others it is as easy as a breath of fresh air and wellbeing.

You can’t help but have a natural sense of wonder in this ancient land of myths and legends. 

The Scottish Highlands Are Simply Breathtaking!

On one of our days together we will venture out through the mountains to Loch Ness and the Cairns. The mountains, forests, and seas of the Highlands freely and abundantly bestow INSPIRATION, HEALTH, WISDOM and INNER PEACE to those who share in its grace.

You can feel your heart fill as you stand in awe taking in the landscape of Glen Coe. With each day you will experience a delightful and new Soulful experience perfectly matched with the energy of this land. 



The Islands of Mull and Iona

We will leave from Stocktaymore early one morning and head for the Port of Oban where the van will board a ferry to cross over onto the Island of Mull.

Mull is the second-largest island of the Inner Hebrides where we’ll find sweeping scenic views through mountains, shadows, brilliant colors, and picturesque villages.

Then we’ll board a small ferry that will take us to the Sacred Isle of Iona – a place many believe is suspended in time – existing in two worlds at once. 

When you get to Iona, there is a sense of something knocking at the doors of your heart. It speaks of mystery and holiness, the spiritual journey of thousands, including Druids and Christians, which have walked this tiny island since the beginning of time.

Here you will find the healing energy of the earth and the indescribable sense of peace that fills the island of Iona with wonder and wellbeing.

This tiny little island provides the perfect space to further your inner journey as you walk through the labyrinth of personal reflection, and take a silent stroll along the shore.

Daily Inclusions

Morning Stretches and Salutations: Stretch your body in a delightful movement class that invites a wellspring of healing from the earth and sky.

Daily Experiential Sessions: Experiential learning sessions are carefully woven throughout each day, integrating the perfect mix of learning and inner awakening. Each day offers a gentle invitation to step into another space and time and strengthen the path towards your best life yet.

Tools and Personal Discovery: Our retreat is designed to offer tools and opportunities to receive personal insight and guidance so that you can create ease and joy now and forever more.

Fascinating Adventures to Sacred Sites: In the comfort of our luxury mini-bus, our group will set out on two different days to discover ancient power sites and sacred places of the Highlands. Our experiential learning sessions on these days incorporate the unique energy of each extraordinary location. Along the way, we will surely stop to hear stories, myths, and legends of this remarkable land.

Afternoons at Leisure: Several afternoons are at leisure for relaxation, adventure, and integration. You can bask in nature on walks along the trails, kayak or canoe on beautiful Loch Tay, horseback ride, climb the nearby mountains and discover some of Scotland’s most magnificent views, or explore the wilder highlands via off-road safari. You will love venturing out to a quaint village or two, and the welcoming and wondrous nature of the Scottish people themselves.


Evening Sessions: Imagine our evening gatherings by the fire, reflecting on the things you learned and the experience of a warm hearth before a good night’s sleep.

Quiet Time at Stucktaymore: There is no better way to soothe your mind and body than to relax by the fire with a good book. You can enjoy the hot tub overlooking Loch Tay or indulge in silent meditation as you walk among the magical garden and forested trails of Stocktaymore. There is even a game room if you are so inclined.

Optional Healing and Pampering: Spa treatments will be available while we are at Stocktaymore.  During the afternoon integration time you may choose to incorporate massage therapies to help you unwind and open to greater ease and wellbeing. Scheduling options will be announced upon arrival.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at Stucktaymore are included in your tuition. See the section on Cuisine for a gastronomic surprise! 

Transfers: Our experience begins at Edinburgh Airport on the morning of May 17th, where you will be whisked away to your own, private, Scottish manner via luxury motor-coach. You instantly begin to unwind and relax, while marveling at the breathtaking views of the beautiful Scottish countryside and sipping a cold beverage of your choice. After you say your goodbyes to beautiful Loch Tay, you will return to Edinburgh airport mid-day via motor-coach on May 24th.

I’d Love For You To Join Me For This Extraordinary Retreat – It Will Positively Captivate Your Heart!
Love, Barbara


What Others Are Saying About These Programs

Shifting From Ordinary Time to Sacred Time

"Most of us seperate ordinary time from sacred time in our lives. We do our spirituality like we might do a job, it can be structured, a routine like a task, rather than an opening to a way of Being throughout our lives.

When I left the retreat I re-entered ordinary time but I was forever altered.

Once we learn how to live from sacred time, we can see how our entire lives are enriched, balanced within, and more joyous than we ever imagined."

Dr. Nancy Kehr, D.C.

Los Angeles, CA, Asheville, NC




Our Private Estate For The Week!











A Genuine Retreat

There is a significant difference between a RETREAT and a bustling sightseeing tour that includes packing and unpacking, frequent stops and reboarding a bus perhaps before you are ready to move on.

This retreat is created for the soul… It is a time to recenter your life, to revive your spirit, and nurture wellbeing and joy. 

Our days are carefully designed for you to breathe deeply, connect with your sacred heart, and discover your best life yet through immersion into the wellspring of nature’s balance.

Perthshire is best known for its magical scenery, wild moors, BEAUTIFUL forests, brisk rivers, and waterfalls. It is the perfect place for our special group of women to relax, to learn, and to recharge.

Call It Home! 

Can you even imagine unpacking your things and staying in the luxury of Stucktaymore of Loch Tay for the entire week – and having it all to ourselves?

This manor home holds its original charm from 1753, and has all the modern amenities to ensure the comfort of its guests today.

Perched on a beautiful knoll, our private home overlooks the banks of Loch Tay, the largest loch in Perthshire, and one of the deepest in Scotland.

Time for Tea…

How about a cozy nook, herbal-scented tea, and breathtaking views?

You will never tire of these majestic mountains that offer the continuous grounded and peaceful feeling of wellbeing.


The Library 

Cozy corners seem to be waiting just for you at our home away from home.

It is heavenly to curl up with a good book and relax next to the warm fireplace in the library.


A Beautiful Place To Lay Your Head…

Private Accommodations

Cozy linens & spacious rooms for private accommodations. Each single bedroom includes a private en-suite bathroom.

Shared Accommodations

Large bedrooms have two seperate beds for shared accommodations also including a private en-suite bathroom.

Natural Elements for Wellbeing

Breathe Deep in the Forest… Bare Feet on the Earth

Rediscover what it means to ground your energy and feel connected to the earth and all that supports you.

Forest bathing does terrific things to heal stress and tension naturally. These inviting and magical paths are right outside our door, waiting for you to enjoy. You can almost hear the sweet waterfalls now as you step into a moment out of time. You can find many beautiful spots that indulge the inner child.


To Gather Around a Fire… Storytelling Anyone?

Step through the entrance to yet another charming room within our secret garden…

Just the thought of our special group of women gathered around this firepit conjures the feelings of warmth and camaraderie that we crave in our world.


Enjoy Hot Water Therapy

Spend a beautiful evening with a cool drink under the stars overlooking Loch Tay…

As the warm water reduces tensions, the spa jets massage away the aches and pains.

And It Just Gets Better With the Cuisine! 

Meet Chef Nelson Reposo, award winner and owner of Atalba, who will be our inhouse chef for the week!

“I have been cooking all my life. Born and raised in Milan, my life as a chef has brought me to the very best kitchens of Italy, London, Cyprus and Scotland. And, although I will always be a proud Italian, it is Scotland that I now call home. My Scottish wife first revealed the wonders of this country to me but, after relocating to Perthshire from the Mediterranean, I’ve fallen for its people, its landscapes and the stories they tell. 

But most of all, I’ve fallen for its food.

With an abundance of locally grown fruit and vegetables it is my desire to create a beautifully simple Italian – Scottish food affair using the finest of Scotland’s fresh ingredients, and to share this passion with you; to provide an unforgettable culinary experience in the comfort of your home here in Scotland.”   Chef Nelson

Scotland Program Application

This is an exclusive retreat. A safe space for learning and community.

Your experience is designed for personal enrichment, soulful listening and crafted in a way that will give you the tools, time, and space to discover what you need to create your best life yet!  

This beautiful balance can only be accomplished by keeping our inner circle small, and to make sure that it’s comprised of like-minded woman that are a good fit for the program and for each other.

To ensure that you have the best retreat possible and that you find a sense of deep rejuvenation as you gain the clarity and soulful insight you seek.

That your week in Scotland far exceeds any expectations you may already have… and you CAN expect this retreat to be absolutely life-changing!

Attendance is by application only. 

The price for this once in a lifetime experience is $4,997 for shared accommodations, $945 upgrade for private accommodations.

Scotland Awaits!

About Barbara Alexander



I worked in the corporate world for twenty years, helping companies implement change and performance improvement.

My weeks were filled with long hours, I reached many peaks of my career, and I had lived on adrenaline for so long that I didn't even realize how empty I had become.

My life and work habits were taking a toll on my happiness and wellbeing long before I realized it.

I went into what I called a 'sacred void' in my life, a time of not knowing who I really was and what I wanted. All I knew for sure was that I didn't want to waste one more day of my life in the numbness I had become.

It was because of this powerfully confusing time in my life that I rekindled my love for horses, and the idea to create retreats, a comfortable place for women to stop, regroup and recalibrate their lives towards their own Soulful fulfillment first began. 

I discovered that the measurement of REAL success is straightforward, it's the amount of JOY you experience every day.





So I began to research about the wisdom of the mind/body connection and the evolution of science and spirit. And that's how I knew my life's calling, by the way it made me feel - positively invigorated and full of joy!

Now I'm publishing a book on this journey and my own discovery of the human signature energy and I am passionate about facilitating boutique retreats for women to discover the keys to their best life yet.

The combination of studying Reiki over nine years in Hong Kong and becoming a healer and teacher, along with training for Equine Experiential Learning, provided beautiful, intuitive gifts to facilitate women in personal development.

My retreats and programs offer a unique laboratory of learning for women with the perfect blend of relaxation and rejuvenation from the intensity of our lives, an invitation to inspire the heart through the exploration of enchanted lands, and enrichment sessions that engage inner wisdom to discover the keys to create our best life yet.