Self-Confidence and Relationships | Barbara Alexander

There is a close relationship between your personal energy and the relationships in your life.

This interaction of energy can many times dictate the ease or lack of ease in genuine connection.

It’s interesting that in a relationship:

• A person with timid boundaries goes hand in hand with frustration.
• A person with overbearing boundaries goes hand in hand with irritation.
• A person with a lack of personal awareness goes hand in hand with confusion and isolation.
• A person who resonates balance and clarity goes hand in hand with genuine connection and greater happiness.

What I’m talking about is something so profound yet so simple.

In fact, the way you use your personal energy in communication can make a HUGE difference in your life.

Maybe you would like to feel more happiness, enjoy more genuine relationships, feel more empowered, confident and respected? Perhaps you want to be more influential and be an even greater inspiration to others – whether at work or with family and friends.

And this is the beauty of personal development, it’s an investment in your own wellbeing.

Life improves in all areas when you learn how to become more clear, confident and self-aware, you become more mindful and feel more alive!

Pay attention to the people you come across today and reflect on the energy you feel them emit.

Then reflect on how your life could improve when you can respond with greater confidence and freedom.

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