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Six-Month Business Mentorship

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The Business of Success
For Entrepreneurs

Do you want to create your own unique business that feeds your soul AND is financially rewarding? Do you find yourself stuck wondering how to move forward? You may even be asking: Will I be able to do this on my own? What happens if I need help or reassurance? What if I have questions? Who will I turn to? Who will help me hold on to my focus so that I can move forward to create my dreams?  

Doing more than just keeping up, thriving and not just surviving, requires new approaches and skills that can open the doors to your greater well-being, productivity, and your own personal joy in the work you want to bring to the world.

Learn How to Create the
Life & Career That You Love

  • Discover Your Heart’s Vision and Learn How to Tap Into Inspiration
  • Find a Step-By-Step Path To Create Income
  • Learn How to Embody Leadership Within Your Business and Life
  • Develop Clear Marketing for Expansion (website design, blogging, social media)
  • Find the Keys to Inner Balance
  • Learn the Secrets of Creating Multiple Income Streams
  • and so much more…

This is all about you stepping into WHO YOU CAME HERE TO BE, multiplying your joy, helping you to stay connected to your inspiration –  and keeping on track by implementing the steps needed to take you to the next level of your life/career.

This program includes six months of intensive support with private, on-going sessions with me. Together we’ll make sure that by this time next year, you’ve reached important goals and are moving in the direction of a business and a life that feeds your soul!

Business Mentorship Inclusions

Six-Month Program Includes Three Mastermind Sessions

This is where you truly enter the mastery of your work.  In this program, you will have the highest level of access and support from me as you create your marketing plans and strategies for building the business and life that aligns with your soul.

These development sessions are highly individualized with one on one support and strategic planning uniquely focused on YOUR business. So much happens during these highly productive meetings and they can be attended in person for experiential sessions with horses or via Skype.

High Content Training Sessions

This is where I will share all of my best secrets for tried and true business practices and curriculums in creating programs for adults, children, business teams, and speciality retreats.
This is also the forum to share my best practices from what I have learned in developing marketing and implementation tools that get results.

Monthly Coaching Calls

During your six-month program, you and I will be working privately twice-a-month on calls where you will receive a high-level of support between mastermind sessions. These calls are designed to keep you on track with your business as you create the life that you love.

Together we will celebrate the victories and work the deeper strategy in leveraging your heart’s direction for your business. Personal balance and clarity is key to your happiness and subsequent success in life.

Throughout the six months, you will be challenged daily to create new paths for personal well being, to stay connected and open to your heart’s inspiration, and to allow the natural unfoldment that comes when you are genuinely inspired.

There is nothing like having a coach in your corner as you learn how to navigate your lifework. You will save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars as you streamline your path with the support of a trusted coach.

Lifetime Access to On-Line Portal to Life’s Purpose Personal Visioning Program

Through this carefully designed process you are empowered to align with your greatest trajectory in creating your soul-based business. This is a 10-session virtual program where you receive a workbook module and 10 individual meditations to be used throughout the process.

I use this program at the beginning of each year to create greater clarity and focus for the year ahead. Our lives are meant to be a continuous journey of expansion and personal joy and that comes from our dedication and alignment with our heart’s calling.


“This is not a program to be learned and then left on the shelf like so many notebooks from a collage class. This is an experience that changes the individual, that has changed me, in such a deep and continually evolving way that there are too many words and yet not enough to express the power of the journey.

What I learned, or rather experienced has permeated every aspect of my life.”

Dr. Nancy Kehr

When Is The Next Business Skills Mentorship?

The six-month Business Skills Mentorship begins when you are ready.

We will meet in person for three sessions and between the sessions there will be interim assignments, on-line training, and individual coaching sessions to support your progress.

Business training programs are designed and facilitated directly by Barbara Alexander for personal inspiration, creativity and clear guidance through individual attention.

What Do I Do Next?

If you’re heart is saying YES! fill out the registration page by clicking on the Register button below and get ready to create a life and career that inspires your soul! Because of the high level of personal focus, group size is limited.

Sign up now and once your registration is complete you can begin this amazing journey with immediate access to our on-line Experiential Meditation and Visioning Tool that help’s you find the keys to building the unique foundation that aligns with your joy!

Six-Month ProgramTuition: $7,800

Set Up Consultation

(In the event of cancellation more than 30 days prior to program start you will receive 50% refund,if it is less than 30 days you will receive credit towards a future program.)

Where is the Business Development Mentorship Held?

Our mastermind sessions will be held in the breathtaking blue ridge mountains of Asheville, NC, or via teleconference.

There is nothing quite like the energy of the mountains to rejuvenate the soul and support inner balance.