What Makes Your Heart Sing? | Barbara Alexander

It isn’t until you can quiet the mind enough, that you will find the answer to the question, “What makes your heart sing?”

Many women who come here were just like I was. I knew what wasn’t working and I even knew what I didn’t want in my life, but what I didn’t know was how to find what I “DID” want.

I had no idea about the magic key that opened the door to the rest of my life.

It may feel like a subtle shift that happens as you become more empowered by tuning into your inner calling, but the outcome over time is astounding.

When I asked one student what she would tell herself if she could go back before she started her work with me she said, “Oh! I’d NEVER want to go back there, but if I did I would tell myself that it is worth every step, just DO IT!” The end result to the practice of tuning into the life you came here to live, is beyond anything you can imagine.

The first step on the journey is desire, your personal desire to make the commitment to yourself to learn and to grow in your inner wisdom and wellbeing.

The next step to master is the art of allowing. The horses make this process infinitely easier by helping us to see the pieces that block us from moving forward.

The third step is feeling for our inspiration, inner joy and personal balance. We have the choice everyday to shift our conscious focus. By focusing on what brings us inspiration, we are given a clear road map to inner peace and personal joy.

I have seen it over and over again on the faces of each woman I work with when I first meet them in my practice of coaching with horses. Over time their skin tone changes to a healthier, lighter and more alive vibrancy. Personal energy begins to rebalance and many feel more grounded in their life experience. Even body posture shifts and reflects openness and a more clear presence in connection to others. But the best parts are the random smiles that happen in the moment, as each individual opens to themselves and the gifts that their life is waiting to share.

Once we learn how to tune in to our wellbeing, everything around us shifts in ways that feed our very soul. It doesn’t matter how you get there, just make the commitment to yourself to take the journey!

There is nothing that feels as good as loving the life you came here to live!