What Makes Your Heart Sing? | Barbara Alexander

It isn’t something you can buy, it isn’t something you can earn… Plain and simple, you will find what makes your heart sing when you learn to listen and follow your inner wisdom. This is the most powerful skill you will every learn and it holds the only key to navigate towards a joyful life.

Many of us are restless and very aware that life, as you experience it, isn’t working. You can feel the increasing discomfort both personally and professionally when you are out of balance, but what you may not know is how to fix it.

At first it feels like a subtle shift that happens when you learn how to listen to inner wisdom, but the outcome over time is astounding.

When asking a student what she would tell herself if she could go back in time, before she had the tools to hear her heart’s calling, she said, “Oh, I’d never want to go back there! But if I did, I would tell myself that it is worth every step, don’t waste another moment, JUST DO IT! The end result of hearing your own inner wisdom changes everything for the better!”

The first step on the journey is to decide that you are ready to live a more soulful life. It’s a commitment that changes old patterns and a risk of embracing vulnerability, but it is a gift beyond measure when you learn how to hear your inner wisdom.

Self-criticism and defensiveness blocks your path so the next step is to master the gift of vulnerability. If you truly understand vulnerability, it becomes a welcome companion to wisdom and allows you to see all the facets of your life as part your incredible laboratory of learning.

The greatest lessons come in the form of emotion yet most of us bury them in lieu of things that need to get done. The end result to stuffing emotion is frustration, discomfort, irritation, disease, and depression.

The reason we stuff emotions is that we think that we don’t have the time, it’s just too difficult, and the perception is that it usually doesn’t help anyway so why bother. However, stuffing emotions does not make them go away, not really, they just change form and create more havoc in your life over the long haul.

There is a much better way to respond to discomfort that brings instant relief and can be relatively painless once you learn the process. Eventually you will be able to catch an uncomfortable emotion when the feeling is still small and interrupt the thoughts that are keeping you blocked. If you understand that emotions have important messages, you can learn how to navigate your life towards inner balance and greater joy. 

At difficult times, it’s easy to slip into a pattern of rumination and even panic, focusing too much energy on the way you don’t want things to be. This is the opposite of hearing your heart sing, and becomes a process of circling of the drain, leading to frustration, and overwhelm.

We all have patterns of behavior under pressure that block us from seeing clearly. The key is to learn how to decode the guidance indicated from the discomfort so you can navigate towards what you need.

The third step is to notice when you feel inspiration, joy, and inner balance. Many times we overlook these delightful impulses that are actually directional signposts in our lives. One way kick-start happiness is to take 5 minutes every morning to journal with appreciation. The practice of appreciation not only refills depleting batteries, helps you breathe deeper and easier, but it also strengthens cellular awareness of joy. This practice helps to recalibrate negativity towards the energy of inner balance and joy.

We always have the choice to listen from a place of inner balance, but overcoming old patterns of instant reaction can be challenging. Just remember, pay attention to how you feel. See discomfort as a signal and a request to hear the deeper message. You can learn how to navigate towards your inner guidance that provides a path to the life that makes your heart sing!

I have seen it over and over on the faces of women. There are physical manifestations from living a blocked life and it shows in your physical appearance. Once we open to our heart’s calling our whole life changes.

Over time our skin tone improves to a healthier more alive vibrancy. Personal energy begins to flow and rebalance, we sleep better, find more creativity and feel inspiration once again.  Even body posture shifts and reflects our openness with balanced presence.

Some of the best parts are the random smiles that happen as each individual opens more and more to themselves and the gifts that their life is waiting to share.

Once you learn how to tune in to your wellbeing, everything around you shifts in ways that feed your very soul. It doesn’t matter how you get there, you just need to make the commitment to yourself to take the journey!

There is nothing that feels as good as loving the life you came here to live!

BTW, I’ve created a simple but powerful tool especially for those times when you feel frustrated because you can’t seem to find your true north. It’s a FREE toolkit to decode your inner wisdom so you can get the message from your heart and soul. Find more about upcoming retreats.