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Hi, I’m Barbara Alexander, and I’ve created a quick tool that will help you reclaim inner-balance, especially in worrisome times, and the good news is that you can use it over and over whenever you need it!

It’s like getting a closed-door private coaching session and it’s 100% guaranteed or your money back!

Using this audio training and worksheet, you’ll have exactly what you need to eliminate your blocks to personal clarity, and it will be right in your back pocket whenever you need it.

What If You Could Have The Inside Scoop To Live Your Very Best Life?

Have you ever found yourself stuck, feeling a bit panicked about a looming decision or concerned about something happening in your life? In that moment, what would you give to have someone—like an angel perched on your shoulder—who could lean over and whisper the right answer in your ear?


I believe in these moments that there are answers coming to us, answers that will bring us back into balance when we feel off kilter. But without knowing how to listen for them, these answers can be as quiet and difficult to hear as someone whispering to us from across the room.

I may not be able to give you a tiny shoulder-angel, but I have the next best thing: A realignment toolkit!

This realignment toolkit will interrupt the thoughts that are keeping you stuck, bring you back into balance and ultimately help you uncover your internal compass towards greater joy in your life.

I’ve created a simple but powerful tool especially for those times when you feel frustrated because you can’t seem to find the right direction. At times like these, it’s easy to slip into a pattern of rumination and even panic, focusing too much energy on the way you don’t want things to be.

The toolkit includes an audio recording and a printable worksheet, and it’s designed for you to use at the very moment when your inner balance feels challenged and you’re spinning in your thoughts. 

You will be amazed at the answers you find, as well as the focus and calm you will feel when you discover your internal compass.

After working through the toolkit, Jolynn—a successful business-owner of 26 years who was navigating a significant life change—said this:

“I wrote down my specific concerns, and in the next step I followed, I confirmed that I had more than enough confidence in myself [to make this change.] Even more surprising was the revelation that I could remain focused, calm and patient and lose all judgement and self-criticism. I found myself opening up to my creativity and a whole new way of living…all my worries and burdens lifted!”

You absolutely CAN find answers that flow with purpose and joy, once you learn how to follow your inner wisdom and heart.

Through the recording and worksheet, I invite you to experience a simple, proven and relaxing process that gently guides you back to a place of balance.


Here’s what you can expect:


1. We’ll isolate the specific issue or concern that has you out of sorts or is causing your discomfort.

There may be many! But this tool is most effective when you find yourself fixated on a problem or thought pattern in particular.

When you feel like your mind is playing the same tape on a loop and you’re wasting time thinking yourself in circles, it’s time to pick up this tool.

2. We’ll clear the path for a new way of thinking by letting go of the things that may be blocking you, either in the present or from the past.

In the recording, I introduce you to the reiki practice of Hatsurei ho, which energetically releases anger and worry that can block clear thought, making it easier to hear the wisdom within.

(Fun fact: It’s common for people to feel physical sensations during this part of the exercise, so pay special attention to what you may feel in your hands and fingers.)

3. I will guide you through actually decoding the messages that are hidden by your discomfort.

Through this process you will find that the answers you’ve been seeking begin to flow to you and you will see possibilities that had been invisible to you before.

After the first time using this tool, you’ll forever know the secret to navigating your life towards inner balance and joy.

Once you download the toolkit, it is yours whenever you need it.

The recording and worksheet are designed for you to use over and over, any time you feel stuck. The more you do it, the better you will get at decoding messages from within.

If you’re ready to invite more joy and ease into your life starting right now, click on the button below, enter your information and I’ll send the toolkit to your inbox right away.


It’s Easy When You Get The Inside Scoop To Live YOUR VERY BEST LIFE…

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