The Secret World of Energetic Communication | Barbara Alexander

What do your energetics say about you? We are finding the keys to inner technology through experiential work with horses.

All living things are communicating non-verbally all the time; however, for humans, it is mostly without awareness. So how do we know what we are energetically saying to others?

Through the study of interactions with humans and horses in experiential learning sessions, it’s easy to see. Horses respond with 100% accuracy to non-verbal energetics, and through this live bio-feedback, we can learn how to modulate energy more effectively.

So if the horses are feeling our energy, what are humans experiencing in our energy field?

The question leads us to the answer, “Whatever energetic vibration you are creating with your life.”

Did you know that not only your body language communicates non-verbally, but your thoughts carry unique vibrations too? In other words, what you think is palpable to more than just us.

Many were amazed by the earlier findings of Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of Messages Hidden in Water, who is best known for his claims that human consciousness affects the molecular structure of water. The effect is either good or bad, depending on the vibrational interpretation you are creating.

Dr. Emoto provides exciting research on the impact of thought, words, and prayer have on water creating distinct cellular structures in the water crystals.

He shows that the vibration, or emotional energy behind any word or thought, manifests within each of us differently. No matter what language we speak, the energy behind the thought or word creates a physical vibration.

Research has found that an individual’s energy field is mostly affected by their mind and heart coherence, which is evidenced by the interactions with the horses during personal experiential sessions. When one is not in the state of harmony, when the mind and the heart are going in different directions, the result is dissonance.

Imagine a TV on with the volume up but with conflicting channel reception resulting in too much noise and static. The lack of coherence causes dissonance, and that dissonance is palpable to everyone in the room.

Dissonance blocks us from the clarity we need to find viable solutions, make productive decisions, or expand personal wisdom that will positively influence our lives.

On the other hand, heart and mind coherence allows us to tap into our intuitive wisdom, thus allowing clear access to solutions with greater ease.

Imagine if you hear your internal source of wisdom. What if you could tap into the part of you that guides you towards a personal and joyous way of living?

I recently attended a seminar that evaluated the effects of emotion on wellbeing.

They talked about emotion as different vibrational discs. One can imagine the chakra disks spinning in our bodies. Similarly, imagine an emotional column of discs stacked on a vertical plane, each of which is unique to you based on your interpretation of emotion. These discs range from the most uncomfortable at the bottom to the highest most pleasing levels of emotion on top. The concept is that we build momentum based on where we put the most focus.

We all resonate at different vibrational/emotional levels and are building momentum in one direction or another. Most times, we are doing this unconsciously in reaction to life as opposed to creating energy with intention. So, in essence, you are either consciously or unconsciously creating your emotional environment.

We have seen the reflection of an individual’s environment played out in sessions with the horses. You can begin to feel the shift when a person moves from the state of confusion or dissonance to mind and heart coherence as they learn to access their channels of intuitive wisdom.

We are all vibration in our essence, and when we learn how to work with our inner technology, we find greater access to the vast array of information available to us. Having the tools of non-verbal awareness provides greater clarity and discernment in our personal and professional lives.

Practicing the skills of personal coherence is fun and deeply rewarding. It not only allows the synergy of the mind and heart to help prevent stress patterns in our lives but also increases mental acuity and well being.

Our goal is to expand human potential by learning how to live more harmoniously aligned with the soul-based life we came here to live.

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