Is Your Inspiration Missing? | Barbara Alexander

The number one killer of inspiration is negativity. It’s not just a problem when you are listening to negative people, the biggest challenge comes from the negative committee in your brain. 

Uncommitted thoughts can be derailed by a squeaky wheel. While our intentions may be solution-oriented, the mind’s focus can quickly shift to a dead-end of negativity. What can you do? Start by strengthening the commitment to your joyous life and build reserves that help you withstand the impact of the contrary assault. 

  1. Keep reminders that inspire (from the Latin word, breathe or blow into) you readily available. It is easy to forget that it is your choice to stay aligned with your spirit or not. Look for beautiful sayings, books, movies, and talks that inspire you and tell you how precious life is.
  2. Practice appreciation. We are driven to accomplish and forget to take the time to appreciate life. Most of us are focused on the future, and what we need to do, so we totally miss the preciousness that is right in front of us. The remedy? Create an appreciation journal – it’s a great idea I learned years ago, and it works every time. Before you start your day, add to the list all of the things you appreciate in your life. Spend at least 5 minutes and take the time to describe it and feel it fully. If you do this regularly, I promise you it will change your life.
  3. Listen from your heart to the impulse of wisdom. When you are closed off or negative, the mind can become a runaway train, and you won’t be able to hear the inner voice that offers a clear direction. If you are already in the thick of discomfort, you may need to stop what you are doing and allow yourself to reboot.

Just remember that inspiration, joy, and happiness come from your state of mind. What you allow to rule your mind is ultimately up to you.

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