When Positive-Mental-Attitude Doesn't Work | Barbara Alexander

Do we get attached to something before we actually have it? Sometimes positive thoughts can throw you right out on the raw edge!

I didn’t know that I needed to be ready to let go of what I thought I wanted – so I could open to another possibility.

A couple weeks ago I was thinking about what my new goals were, other then the umbrella goal of joy in my life. I realized I wanted to get even more clear on my vision and my next steps of expansion and growth.

Last week my husband was looking on-line at a home that recently came on the market, it was near the ocean and he wanted to go see it. As we drove down the road approaching this home we were taken with the beauty of the space and the ease we felt around the possibilities. As we walked into the house I knew it was a place that carried that magical feeling.

So we put in an offer and are waiting to see what happens… but something has actually already happened.

Working with a Realtor can be the antithesis of magical, especially when they tell you in the middle of negotiations, “oh by the way, two others are also interested in this property and another offer is coming in.”

I am not one that usually succumbs to a scarcity mentality, but there is nothing like the pressure of having to act now or – BE A LOSER! What do you do when the efforts for a positive-mental-attitude don’t work?

I started to feel the fear creeping-in and I knew I didn’t want THAT emotion! Almost immediately I began shifting my mindset to more positive thinking. Abraham-Hicks says that what we think is what we create and manifest in our lives, so I tried conjuring a feeling of Knowing the home would be ours… but I couldn’t get there in my heart, so I tried again. I started thinking “whatever happens will be the perfect outcome.” and that’s when my efforts for positive-mental-attitude positively threw me right out on the street!

So, what if… what if there is something deeper to be learned right here and right now?

What if it is not the specifics of the exact “what”, or even “who” that I want to manifest in my life. What if what I am really wanting isn’t the specific at all, but instead it is the greater meaning behind the surface desire?

I went back to my most general desire, and this was the same desire that I have had since I began this journey. My desire is to have more joy in my life and to create magical places filled with happiness and love…

At first that was a physical place, a sanctuary retreat that I would share with others. Now I know that it has expanded to the most vast and yet the most intimate of spaces, the inner space of connection… That’s when I felt the relief within myself so I knew it to be the answer I needed in the moment.

The magical place filled with happiness and love lies within each of us.. and the joy comes through seeing (with soft eyes) the journey to getting there.

Oh, and about the house… for right now, I am filled with excitement in the discovery.

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