What Was Once Impossible... | Barbara Alexander

I heard “What was once impossible is now easy” yesterday in conversation and I knew that the meaning struck a deep cord in my memory.

When I look back at almost every huge learning opportunity in my life, I can remember experiencing fearful or anxious times of not knowing.

Some of the things that I wanted to learn about felt overwhelming at times and almost impossible, like I would never figure it all out or be able to do what my mentors seemed to do so easily.

Now as I am mentoring to new students who are seeking their life purpose, I can hear those same fears that I used to have when my world was filled with reaction – instead of the clear focus of intention.

Sometimes things can seem impossible, especially when you put up a struggle to overcome hurdles. When we put up a struggle, we are actually closing ourselves off from the inspiration that is always there to flow through us – if we could only allow it.

As you learn how to relax into wellbeing, you will rediscover your peace, and then with each day you will find more clarity and purpose.

When we practice with our life focus on wellbeing, our inspiration begins to flow. The gift is to expand by sifting through the things that are wanted and unwanted. Through taking the time to honor this inner process of expansion through learning, you will find that what was once impos-sible has now become easy.

When we can learn to relax and enjoy the unfolding of our life and our learning – and feel appreciation for what is happening in our “now” combined with an eagerness for what is coming – we will have found the key to release any sense of impatience, imperfection, or overwhelment.

Life is meant to be enjoyed…