What Do You Summon in the Morning? | Barbara Alexander

The waking moments of our day are fleeting.

It’s a time when we are between the worlds of sleep and today’s beginning.

When our eyes first open, most of us look for the clock… “What time is it?”, “What do I have to do today?”, “Can I bask just a few more minutes?”, “Should I get up now?” and sometimes when we wake up it’s more like, “Yikes, I’m late!”

Lately I have been noticing those first few moments of the day and as waking consciousness starts to enter my mind, I have begun a beautiful new practice.

I start with conjuring the feelings of appreciation and I bring to mind my deep love for all that this day has yet to bring.

I have come to find that these moments are precious and they can set the tone for the way your entire day unfolds.

Have you ever considered how you start the first moments of your day? If it isn’t making a joy-ous contribution to your life, you might consider giving this a try and see what happens.

Before you ever get up, just when you notice your eyes beginning to open to the day, bring to your mind the feelings of appreciation, and bless this new day with anticipation of the joy it will bring.