Weaving threads into the fabric of our lives... | Barbara Alexander

It felt like we were weaving threads of intention, love and happiness into the fabric of our lives.

Last month in our final session in the Sacred Life Journey I felt a sense of completeness in the air, a gentle calm that I have found when working with the horses – once I have truly embodied honor and respect in co-creation with them.

There is a knowing that can be felt when a deeper learning is complete. With a horse it is a subtle awareness of an energy shift that only the most skilled of trainers can feel.

Our group of women met for the first time four months ago when we came together in retreat. Our focus was to learn about our sacred life journey and how to find clarity along the path. It marked the beginning of our training in vibrational awareness and the key parts subtle awareness plays in our daily life both personally and professionally.

These women made a conscious decision to explore new ideas with an eye toward finding greater purpose and direction, seeking deeper connection with spirit and the skills to tap into their own wellspring of life.

Throughout the four months we wove the threads of intention, love and personal alignment into the fabric of our lives. In essence each day we entered our own laboratory of life using tools for personal alignment.

Since we only truly learn through experience, this four month time-frame offered several opportunities to practice and integrate new ways of responding. These tools proved most helpful resulting in greater joy and valuable support for difficult moments of frustration, confusion or sadness.

One woman said that she felt comfort, a sense of accountability and deeper dedication to her life each time we talked. She shared that in the past it was just too easy to get busy and forget how to do the things that really make a difference. She said: “I feel more confidence and peaceful knowing that now things are coming together as they should – I am more conscious, more trusting and open to myself and the limitless possibilities. I feel like I am on an adventure now.”

Another participant said: “I feel like I have connected with my soul… I have learned both how to align with my soul and what to do when I fall out of that alignment. I feel as though I have confidently been able to identify some of the best parts of me for the first time. A door into who I truly am has opened.”

I read earlier this week about the difference between a Life Coach and a Soul Coach. The Life Coach helps you learn how to live a better life while the Soul Coach helps you remember why you are alive.

I’ve trained as a Life Coach and a Spiritual Life Coach but now I know that this co-created work with my horses has evolved into a curriculum for a Soul Coach.

In our final session together we did something really special, we danced with the energy of the horses – a great gift especially to those who have never been horsewomen before.

During our four months of study together each one learned how to tap into her own core of well-being. She learned to honor the ability of her body and emotions to communicate vital information. She practiced tools for realignment with her soul when finding herself out of alignment or feeling bad. She learned how to tune in at a soul level to create healthy relationships and found a powerful tool with the effective use of her own energy modulation. At the end of our final session together – it felt like a new beginning bearing roots and wings through the sacred dance with horses.

I have talked about waking moments of lucid living as a momentary gift of seeing through the eyes of source. In these moments I have found a level of clarity that glistens with love and the unequivocal knowing that all is well. This was one of those moments.

Each participant had reached the precipice of her own powerful work in this segment of learning and I could feel through the horses that there was nothing more that needed to be done, it was a ceremony of glorious completion.

The heart’s confirmation is what ignites the juice of life if we listen because there is nothing more exciting than riding a powerful rocket of personal expansion. It always promises to be a magical journey whenever we’re ready to take the next step.