Tuning My Vibration | Barbara Alexander

I have found incredible comfort knowing that we can affect our own life experience, no matter what.

I recently heard a wonderful segment of Abraham-Hicks talking about our guidance. They said “Who-you-really-are is always calling you, it never fails and it never stops, who-you-really-are is ALWAYS CALLING YOU!”

It is our job to get ready for that calling so we can allow it in without the resistance that blocks our clarity.

It is our job to get ourselves into the least resistant state so that we can allow our guidance that helps us move toward the life we came here to live!

Distraction is the fastest way to allow ourselves to get back to a higher state of vibration. This higher state offers the least resistance to our Source connection and to what we really desire in our lives, which is to feel better.

I have found that when I am sitting in nature – I am allowing, when I am petting my dogs – I am allowing, when I am meditating with the horses – I am allowing, when I am basking, I am allow-ing.

By doing things like this, I am tuning my vibrational frequency upward so that I am allowing the open channel to personal guidance and when I am able to do that, it clears any resistance that blocks my path. It is from this place that all inspiration can finally be heard.

What are five ways you can tune your vibrational frequency up? It is worth your time, and your life to give it a try!