The Gifts of Vulnerability | Barbara Alexander

In leadership retreats, I have noticed something wonderful happening for women who learn how to thrive with vulnerability. Even though the training is based on skills to be a better leader, they leave with significant insight into a far more enjoyable life.

We may arrive as strangers, including those who live on different continents, yet we all have a common goal, to find something better.

In retreats, it starts in those early morning moments of realized bliss. You can feel the shift as each woman finds her own sacred ritual of receiving. While that may sound wu-wu to some, those who learn how to allow the natural flow of regeneration into their life find dramatic balance and clarity. Hearts feel like they are blossoming with each new piece of knowledge.

Spending time with the horses and learning about personal energy, our gaps, and our strengths, we practice the skill of modulation that feels both invigorating and profound.

Leadership takes on a new definition when the basis of belief is that conditions and circumstances provide us valuable information to move forward. If we are up against a difficult situation the message we learn from vulnerability then becomes a gift and offers us the opportunity to excel if we learn how to listen.

It is a powerful time when we let vulnerability out of the closet to breathe and expand. In this way, we allow our greater intelligence to provide new information and in return, we find new-found confidence.

The acceptance of vulnerability, in fact, the embrace of vulnerability, in yourself and in others, can offer some of the greatest experiences of your life.

Each individual has the keys to discover the deeper meaning to a challenge, but, not everyone is willing to go there. It can be scary to nurture the unknown, to let-go in order to find the gifts of soulful curiosity. The freedom this offers, however, is beyond our greatest dreams.

It is on the journey to find peace within that we develop the courage and inner strength that vulnerability has helped us reveal, and in so doing, we discover, with a clear and compassionate heart, who we truly are…
connected, whole and loved.

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