The Exquisite Moment of Awareness | Barbara Alexander

Today I woke up and decided to cancel everything on my calendar.

I had been pushing myself and I was tired. Some things had been on my mind and they were getting increasingly more agitating.

The fact was that I hadn’t taken the time necessary so that I could get more clear on what I wanted, instead I had been focusing on the things that didn’t seem to align with my heart and I was literally giving myself a headache!

Have you ever wished you could just cancel everything and play hooky for a day and just give yourself the time to realign? The reality is that most of us don’t take the time for ourselves to regroup, and reconnect to our true Self.

Maybe you are like me, I used to feel like this was something I didn’t have the luxury to do, but now I feel that this is something I don’t have the luxury NOT to do.

I used to push through those subtle messages that asked me to stop what I was doing and listen to the gentle calling within. I thought I was too busy to stop and sometimes there was so much adrenalin that I would keep deciding to put the inner connection off for later.

Most times when that happens, the subtlety shifts into a stronger and stronger message, until we have no choice but to listen.

For some of us that can manifest into physical discomfort or even illness. It is almost as if our bodies seem to create an opportunity to make us stop – in hopes that we will finally hear that inner calling to shift our direction in some way.

Now I know the signs when I get too tangled up in my life and I have learned to stop and listen.

As I allow for that time to ‘just be’, I am creating the space to open to my inner calling and I am able to experience my own exquisite moments of awareness that give me clarity and direction.

When we are able to honor ourselves in this way, and tune into the subtle messages within, we enhance our entire life as well as the lives of those that are around us.