Soul-Based Entrepreneur | Barbara Alexander

Many people have found that their soul is calling them to change. At first, it may be the impulse to avoid workplace drama, the discomfort of not feeling valued for the expertise you have, the experience of feeling disconnected from who you really are, and at the core, it is the absence of joy.

Words like inspiration, inner balance, and soulful living are very much a part of my definition now, but that wasn’t always the case, especially when I experienced burnout.

I tried to give 100% to everything, which was the downfall because I was not on that list. I had won every award the company offered and loved doing an excellent job for my clients. But, inside, where I seldom took the time to access, my life was unraveling. I had silently suffered by putting everyone else first. I had lost who I was in the process of doing what I thought I was supposed to do.

When you are in a time of darkness and what you are doing is energetically draining your heart and soul, where do you turn?

I didn’t know how to create life differently, and none of it made sense. I had done my best to do it right, but at the same time, on the inside, I had failed because none of it made me happy.

It wasn’t until I was finally ready to lose everything. I could hear from my inner world that living on adrenalin like this was killing my spirit and possibly my body. I had to learn how to let go, and that was scary.

At first, all I wanted was to rest. I felt emotionally and physically depleted. My all-consuming career and heroic efforts to be a good mom and a good wife had drained me. I couldn’t even think of doing anything else; because even that required too much energy.

What I have discovered is that life and career are what we make of them. We don’t need to survive burnout; we need to learn how to be who we really are and make balanced decisions from there. Life and career cannot be either/or.

I have created a new classification; the Entrepreneurial Artist, a soul-based entrepreneur of life, corporate or in their own business, who deliberately steps forward on an incredible adventure to create a beautiful life based on the joy they came here to live!