Sometimes the intellect closes doors | Barbara Inc.

There are lots of different ways we ignore our own body’s wisdom without even knowing it. Once you learn the skills of listening from the level of your soul the easier life becomes and the more you flow with joy!

This is the process I call finding The Sacred You and I want to share a small exercise you can do to help yourself along this journey.

In previous articles I have referred to your inner compass and making a daily practice of this precious connection so that you can tune into your vibration before it begins building momentum. At that point, when the momentum is still small, you have the greatest ease in turning things around if you are heading in the wrong direction.

Our inner compass is a personal and natural guidance system that’s there for us all the time. It’s just that most of us don’t know how to align with that energy – especially when we are challenged or out of balance.

If you are out of balance you’ll know because you probably feel tired, drained and may notice a lack of inspiration. You may even feel an increasing desire to make a change in your life but you may not know what the change should be.

Our soul has a way of calling to us within and if we listen it can lead you to more joy and expansion than you could ever imagine.

Try this little exercise to find a moment of soul connected bliss…

First you need to quiet your mind, and then take several nice deep cleansing breaths.

You may have to read through this first to get the hang of it.

Let your attention drop down from your mind (this is where the intellect overrides the heart and blocks access to a deeper wisdom) and focus into your heart area.

As you breathe, feel the inner connection that is there waiting for you, some call it their connection to God, Source, or whatever spiritual practice you prefer.

After you feel connected just rest there for a moment and breathe…

Once you get your clear heart connection, imagine you are able to hear one word or phrase that your soul lovingly wants you to know that would be most helpful for you in your life right now.

Go ahead, close your eyes, breathe, bring your focus to your heart and ask the question about what your soul wants you to know, right now in your life… Allow yourself to hear, see or feel what your answer is. Take a few moments to bask in appreciation once you are complete.

If you got a message: take a few moments to journal on this information, allow it to expand. It is pretty amazing what can come if you allow yourself the time to stay in this open space of receiving.

You can take this one step further and ask within where that word or phrase finds it’s power source inside your body. We have found through our work and the work of others that research the mind/body connection, that emotions and messages frequently turn up in specific areas of our physical awareness. We have also found that when we don’t pay attention to the things that are misaligned, we frequently end up with growing and more chronic issues in those areas.

Before you are complete, allow your attention to move into that area, feel a sense of appreciation and ask what it needs to thrive.

If you didn’t get a message: Don’t be too hard on yourself or give up after the first try because it doesn’t always work the first time.

Our greatest resistance always comes from within ourselves when our own mind finds those endless tape loops or stories of why we are stuck.

There are many wonderful and powerful practices to creating more balance and joy in your life, make a priority of doing this and you will feel the joyous expansion it creates deep within.

The key is to take the time to do your inner work everyday and make choices in every moment to stop the negative tape loops that block you from creating the life you came here to live.

Sometimes the intellect closes the doors that only the heart can open.