Solving the problem isn't the goal. | Barbara Alexander

Those who I work with have a deep desire to create from their heart and soul and are ready to access the next joyous level of their life.

For most of us it is a continuous expansion to align with our Source energy and it requires that we have the clarity and deliberate intention to a very selfish goal, our own joy and wellbeing.

It is only through that sense of well being that we are able to access solutions to problems that inevitably come and go in our lives.

Our emotions are the indicators of our vibration and our vibration is a direct response to our thoughts.

Understanding how to use your thought to benefit wellbeing is the key to personal joy and inspiration. But we have to learn how to access the higher vibrations in order to find the balance in our lives.

You cannot access the solution to a problem from the vibration of the problem so solving the “problem” isn’t the goal.

You have to get yourself to the place where you can access your own soul-based solutions, and that can only come from aligning with your highest vibration.

When we are at that level of higher vibration we flow with the clarity of inspiration because we are providing a clear channel for the solutions to come to us.

When we are in the place of clear flow with our joy we affect everyone around us and we can witness our lives beginning to expand and prosper in the most amazing ways.

Among the first things we learn about at The Sacred You Academy is the subtle awareness of vibration, the more your are tuned into your skills of awareness, in other words the earlier you are aware of any discomforting thought, the easier you will be able to shift unwanted momentum.

But what if you are one of those who are thinking that you don’t have discomforting thoughts? Maybe not obvious ones but it takes advanced focus and awareness to feel the subtle ways we can block our own healthy flow and impact our lives.

The easiest gage or indicator of your vibration is your current emotion. I talked about noticing you joy factor in a previous blog, it is an ongoing indicator that is always working for us.

Quieting the mind is one of the most challenging processes for us as humans. We are skilled at multi tasking and working overtime on issues, worrying, struggling, and working really hard to make things happen in our lives.

When we remember that there is something greater for us to tap into for guidance and support, everything can shift in a heartbeat… or we can continue to struggle, feel frustration, and do it the hard way… your choice.

It requires that we learn how to quiet the mind and all the daily chatter so we can drop down to the clarity of our heart and the pure connection to our Soul.

The way I do this in my retreats speeds up this process and cellular learning in a couple different ways, One is by teaching the participant at a cellular level through experiential sessions. In this way you are leaning though experience in a way that reading or hearing a lecture can’t.

You actually learn physiological tools and queues about your own vibrational awareness, it is how your body talks to you and you learn how to interpret the non-verbal information that is coming to you all the time.

Experiential learning teaches us at a cellular level how to interpret with clarity so that we can create healthy relationships through our own energy awareness.

Through playing in the energetic fields of horses we can learn how to modulate our own energy and create that healthy place of connection in our lives, both at home and at work.

But there is even more that is happening here. Through training in your unique vibrational awareness you are also learning about the power of aligning with your higher vibration.

When you learn how to use deliberate intention and focus, the grounded and fascinating vibration of nature and animals give us an energetic boost to access our own highest levels of align-ment.

The horses naturally carry a higher vibration than we do and so does all of the nature that surrounds us.

Haven’t you noticed how you feel when you immerse yourself deep into nature?

Nature naturally activates your highest vibration.

Once you learn how to access that subtle level of awareness, the personal work with a horse boosts you into levels of vibration that otherwise could have taken years of practice to attain.

When worked with in this way, the horses naturally propel us to higher vibrational levels where we begin to create a new momentum for the joy of life to expand and flow with our own clarity and inner knowing.

Once you have that awareness of how to get there on a cellular level, you will always be able to create that in your life, anywhere, anytime.

The horses are teaching us how to connect with heart to both ourselves and to others.