Sacred Moments | Barbara Alexander

A sacred moment is the experience of a deeper level of connection to all that is. Animals come by this naturally but our developed human intellect often becomes a barrier to intuitive wisdom. The following story was an account of one such experience.

Feeling perfectly content to be so physically small in this great big space, I was sitting on the ground in what I have come to call the temple of the horse, and though no other humans were there, I was far from alone.

We were just watching the snow that was gently falling outside through the arched doorway that led from the arena to the forest. A spring snow isn’t at all uncommon in the mountains of North Carolina. It was so quiet that day, the air was fresh, and it looked like a winter wonderland, cold enough for snow but not too cold to be outside.

I just wanted to ‘BE’ with them… without an agenda … enjoying the beauty of everything we had right there … together ‘just BEing.’

During those moments in a quiet sense of gratitude, he came over and stood within inches of my body. Under most circumstances, I would have gotten up, since his sheer size from that angle could feel immense and somewhat overwhelming.

But as I looked up at him, I knew I was safe.

Zorro stood so close that I had to bend back to see his beautiful white head and mane. He’s an Andalusian, the white dancing war horse of Spain and is strikingly beautiful.

He slowly lowered his face all the way down to my level until his eye was literally within inches of mine.

It’s uncommon for a horse to look a human in the eye, yet he was so sincere and without as much as a blink.

I felt his warm breath blow on my hands, and I somehow I knew of the sacred gift he was offering.

Everything around us faded to black.

I am not sure when it happened or what prompted the shift, but for those moments I felt suspended in time. I knew we were physically and energetically together, almost in an inward spiral, connecting from one heart to the place where we were no longer separate beings. Where all of us, animal, human, and nature were connected as one.

I could sense that he was trying to tell me something, something so personal that everything I knew needed to fall away. I was conscious of my struggle to let go of thought, and I felt tears quickly rushing to my eyes, tears of relevance and honor with a mutual desire to trust and to learn…

I became lost in those deep black pools within his eyes, and something very sacred yet familiar filled my senses. He was helping me understand on an inner level; I could feel the deep peace within my body and the bliss that comes from comfort, acceptance, and love.

I stayed this way for some time until my awareness of the space that surrounded me came back. Zorro had shifted his head, and he began to lick and chew for a moment. I could feel the shifting energy of completion, and he walked away and stood in the sun that was streaming through the archway just twenty feet from where I sat.

In the precious moments that followed, there was a warm reception from the rest of the herd as each gentle being came over to the place where I was still sitting. One by one they got close enough to gently sniff my head and touch me with their soft, warm noses. It felt as if each of them, in their way, had been part of this loving ceremony and had benefited from the experience.

The feeling was beyond any meditation; it happened so naturally. I felt all at once comforted, peaceful, and connected to some higher, deeper, or transcended level of awareness.

Where I had begun in a state of the ‘human experience’, clouded by my thought and intellect, I had learned how to join in the sacred moments of another kind of connection. I felt gifted with a greater awareness of what is.

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