Our Hands Are in the Clay - Sculpting Our Lives | Barbara Alexander

“We are all sculpting with our thoughts.”

In a recent recording, I was once again reminded that it is OUR HANDS in the clay sculpting our own lives through our thoughts.

You get to choose your thoughts and through observation of your emotion, you are choosing your interpretation. So, you are sculpting your clay of your life.

You always have the option to choose which way it goes through the way you are focusing. If joy is at the basis of your desire – then your choice is easy, right? Well, it is easy if you have discipline in your own thought process.

The key is to understand that you cannot control others – or the environment, but you can control the vibration you are offering with your focus. When you learn how to see the indication of discomfort as a guidance to shift your focus, then you will have received the message instead of standing in resistance to it.

Case in point: Recently I went on an annual extended family vacation. For years there had been undercurrents that have caused friction and discomfort in the group. Much of the discourse came from the personal dynamics that happened way before each family ever arrived.

On the drive in, my son started to talk about the past trips, and we both began bracing for impact as we got closer. Since this had gone on for years, it had become a common theme. I knew I couldn’t change how others behaved, but I could change the way I set myself up for the experience.

Before arriving, I decided to try something new. I specifically set the intention of feeling joyous. I began by envisioning each individual separately. I focused on the beauty and strengths that each person uniquely had, and I invited my son to join in on the process.

Now, you may think this could all be circumstantial or you may already know that it’s the power of our focus and vibration that causes the reality we see. but here was my experience – this trip was the most comfortable family vacation I have had in the eight years we have been making this journey.

Our relationships with each other provide the experiences for us to always choose and grow; our life’s laboratory is of our own making.

Our emotions are the key indicators of our ability to tune into the message our body is sending us all the time.

When we feel negative emotions, they have been caused by focusing on our resistance to the specifics in a given situation.

If, rather than resistance, we choose to focus much more generally on what we truly desire instead of what isn’t happening… there are all kinds of possibilities!

I know that may seem easier said then done, but that is because much of our discomfort comes from wanting others to change and be the way we want them to be – which of course won’t happen.

Find the things that make you feel good, that provide relief to you when faced with a difficult emotion. Create the opportunity for things to be as you desire them to be and then be open to the possibilities!

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