Living and Loving in the Moment | Barbara Alexander

Have you ever had that feeling in your belly so deep that you can sense it touching your spinal cord at the base of your back?

That’s what happens for me when the heart of something that happens stops me in the moment.

Everything slows down. I can feel a churning in the pit of my gut as the hint of fear lurks in my vibration. Fear is always accompanied by the threat of feeling out of control and helpless.

I got a call from a friend yesterday that her beloved German Sheppard, Sidney, was ill and she was heading to the vet. Today I got a picture of this beautiful soul and my hands immediately heated up with Reiki flowing to both of them.

What can we do to help and support those that we love? Are we at the mercy of the moment or are we truly connected to Source energy that flows though us when we allow the possibility?

Many of you recall my experience this past February. It was my husband’s birthday and we spent the night in the 30 degree rain, out at the barn in South Carolina… We were holding the possibility for Cierba, my beloved mare, to heal from what three different veterinarian’s had said, based on their evaluation, was eminent death within the next few hours.

I remember the flow of emotions and the resolve I experienced Knowing that I had completely surrendered to her and I honored whatever was her will. I would not leave her side, and I was clear that this moment together was not about giving up, it was about joining and Being. I spent those hours basking in the awareness and appreciation for what we had done together and all the deep heart work we had experienced with the women that had come here over the years. In those moments, I felt the collective brilliance of Being connected… no matter what was to come.

“Dearest Barbara,” my friend wrote, “Please send some healing Reiki energy to our Sidney. We are on our way back to the vet now.”

I understand these moments and I can feel the love from my friend and Sidney as the Reiki is now flowing through me at such a powerful rate. What a beautiful spirit, deep and loving.

Have you heard of the poem “The Dash”, it refers to the dates on a tombstone. The first date noted is the date we are born and the second is the date we transition. It talks about what matters most, and that was the “dash” between those years.

Being in the moment is one of the greatest gifts we are given. Day by day we have the opportunity to enjoy the Being-ness with each other and our gift is to see the light in our lives verses being consumed by the doing-ness of our time spent here.

I made a decision years ago, that I would not waste one more day of my life.

It is up to us to find that way of Being, so that we can enrich our ‘dash’ which is made up of many, many moments and the love we share with those we are choosing to spend them with, both four legged and two.

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