It's Not About WHAT but HOW... | Barbara Alexander

Experience is not so much about what we see as it is about how we see it.

How we see things is a choice and when we get right down to it this can bring up heaps of resistance.

How can I be responsible for what I see and therefore how I feel about it?

Here is the radical yet obvious truth and it’s one that you witness regularly.

I can see something and interpret it one way and three other people can see the very same thing and interpret what they see completely different.

Think about when you watch a movie and share what you absolutely loved only to find someone else who watched the very same movie didn’t get that at all.

How can this happen?

Even in the sessions with the horses I have noticed that the person in the arena, focused on the issue or goal at hand, can understand the movements of the horse in a way that speaks vol-umes beyond what others are seeing.

So what can we do when we are stuck with something niggly in our life? It could be (and most definitely is) related to how we are interpreting what we are seeing.

What if…

What if I could change the way I interpret what I think I see? (recognize A Course in Miracles?) What if I could make a choice to see things differently?

What if I might even try to see things through the eyes of the divine – How would it look different? Everything would be seen from the higher vibration and after all isn’t that what we truly want to attract?

We are the ones who interpret what we see and in-turn react based on our belief system that builds from our thoughts into emotions. How we deal with those emotions create our unique emotional intelligence that either supports us or defeats us moment by moment.

What if I could make a choice that brings me greater connection to a joyous heart…
and what if that connection brought immeasurable relief in my life?

We are always a vibrational match to what we are intentionally or unintentionally asking for through our own choice of focus no matter what is going on around us.

It is a powerful thing to really understand that it is not what we are seeing that creates the negativity in our life, it is how we are interpreting it. How we choose to interpret it goes on to build the momentum that attracts more in kind.

When we are truly open to our own greater wisdom we can hear it in a way that brings ease to our lives and to the lives of everyone we know. I can’t personally think of any more fun than the kind that releases and teaches my heart and mind to soar!

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