Do You Feel Inspired Or Is Your Brilliance Missing? | Barbara Alexander

At first, everyone expects a work environment where you feel inspired, understand the goals and have minimal drama – but most of the time that’s not what you get.

Do you have the vision for a company that feeds creativity, innovation, and true success?

Maybe I need to define “true success.”  True success is measured by the JOY that you feel in what you do and the lives that you inspire both at home and at work.

Recently I spoke to a VP of an International fortune 100 company. It’s one we all know but for obvious reasons will remain anonymous. He has held his position for many years and knows he is a valued contributor. He shared, however, a common theme that indicates our changing times, he said that he hated who he had become in order to do his job and was beginning to think that the only escape was to quit.

Businesses are struggling to find ways to keep valued staff, CEOs are looking for ways to improve productivity and employees flounder with the lack of inspiration, direction, and ownership. We can see the issues – but most leaders have no idea how to fix them.

Building A Successful Foundation

There is a key component that builds a successful foundation and it’s two-fold. It makes no difference if we are part of the cleaning crew or the executive branch of an organization, you cannot have one without the other.

  • First is the belief in your value to the whole. Being inspired is directly linked to your ability to engage your own brilliance in the work that you do.
  • Second is personal safety as a member of a team that has your back.

The fear of creating a mistake cripples forward momentum. Without safety, you can not embrace vulnerability. If you cannot embrace the gift of failure you will not grow to find the secrets to success.

Throughout the year I have experiential workshops in which we train for personal coherence, inner balance, and more effective leadership presence. If you work within a company where these skills would be helpful, give me a call and I’d be happy to tell you more. (Contact Barbara)