In these moments you hear a deeper truth... | Barbara Alexander

Do you know the feeling of your soul’s acknowledgement when you find a deeper truth?

Last year was moved almost beyond words in the Reiki Path of the Healer Retreat.

One of our guests was deeply moved by her experience when she whispered the words: “This is Holy Ground…” I remember feeling at the deepest levels that I knew she was right.

It was Easter Sunday for many people, and a sacred time of rebirth. How fitting to share it in the fullness of healing and compassion with the horses.

It was like no other retreat, but then again this was true of all of them. However in the Reiki re-treats even the horses seemed to connect on a whole different level.

Maybe they knew that these women came here to learn the precious art of Reiki Healing, and maybe they appreciated the opening to the inner spirit that each one experienced while they were here.

There was clearly a reciprocal fullness of love that permeated all of the plants, trees, four legged and two legged Beings.

I have heard that Native Americans have long understood that it is a sign of completion in a sacred lesson from the Universe when an unexpected breeze fills the space.

It is when you have gone deep into the learning and a breath of fresh life blows you back into the present.

You could have heard a pin drop in the midst of the session with Zorro that weekend. He decided to lay down and from there it felt like volumes of the deepest heart wisdom began to transpire.

Within moments like these so much is learned… about love, about life and about any resistance that blocks your joyous expansion.

When one can be fully present with another, without defense but with an earned sense of mutual respect, there is a deep Knowing that transcends words and speaks to the Soul. It is in this work of energy awareness that the horses have become master teachers.

There were many such experiences that week, and this one we were most fortunate to catch on film. There is a moment in learning something new that the horses pause and eventually lick and chew. It is an outward sign acknowledging truth and release.

Given the opportunity, people greatly expand in those same moments of pause where cellular awareness can evolve.

In these sessions it can come in a moment of deep connection – at levels that are utterly indescribable.

Over the years I have learned to understand the significance of the fresh breeze, it is a sign to me that the Universe has spoken the signal of completion.

Cyndi received such a sign. Within moments of leaning back from Zorro, the fresh cool breeze unmistakably blew through the arch in the Picadero.

The Universe was acknowledging Cyndi’s Knowing… and the rest of our’s as well.

We are loved beyond compare.
And so it was…