Horse Wisdom for Workaholics | Barbara Alexander

Lisa came to work with me and the horses to enjoy the experience of being with like-minded women and to find some support and direction in her life-work.

She was an executive that ran a highly successful organization and she had loved her work for many years.

Lisa explained that she couldn’t find enough hours in the day to do all the things that needed to get done. She said she knew she needed to change something but she didn’t know what. I could feel the conflict of excitement as well as her discomfort as she talked about her life.

We went into the arena for an experiential session with a horse. Lisa was focused on her life work and what she needed to know at this point. She had been very successful, so it wasn’t about creating more abundance. For Lisa, it was that the more she envisioned, the more she created and she just didn’t have enough time in the day to do it all.

“If I don’t do it, it won’t get done” she told me in an irritated voice. I wasn’t sure if the irritation was with herself or others.

She walked towards Cierba, a large and beautiful bay mare that embodied strong feminine strength. Cierba sized Lisa up from across the arena and walked over to her and pushed her out of the way with her massive hip. Lisa was surprised but not afraid. Cierba circled around and came back for a second round. This time Lisa stood there with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I understand Cierba,” Lisa said “I treat myself as if I don’t really matter when I am on a mission, I don’t even see my own stop signs.”

Lisa looked at me with tears flowing so easily now. She took a very deep breath and relaxed her body. “It’s not just me… is it,” she said as she watched Cierba, “Sometimes I treat others this way as well. I push through the work and end up doing things myself because it’s just easier to get it done.”
Within moments of speaking these words, Cierba turned back towards Lisa with her energy completely changed. She gently walked up and stood respectfully beside her.

This time Cierba’s head was comfortably down just below Lisa’s shoulder height, and she began licking and chewing as she felt Lisa’s tension fall away.

When we are in experiential sessions, I have learned that the horses give me clues all the time. They lick and chew when someone speaks their truth, there is a non-verbal adjustment and alignment in our personal energy field that the horses can easily read.
You could see it so clearly with the change in Cierba’s demeanor, she was calm and relaxed, patient and tender.

Lisa began to breathe more deeply as her own sacred Knowing surfaced in her awareness. She looked over to me and said her session was complete, she had received the message she came there to find and she also said that her life was about to get much better!