Hello? It's the Universe calling... | Barbara Alexander

How do we hear what the Universe is telling us?

Recently a new student asked me, “What can I do to get clearer on what the Universe is trying to tell me?” For those that are attuned to the fact that the Universe can even connect with us, this is an awesome question! It is probably the most valuable life-skill we have in our lives.

The best way to find clarity of your soul’s guidance and direction is to create the time for meditation or prayer in your daily practice. You must learn how to hear the subtlety of the level of vibration. But, what if you have difficulty meditating or if what is bothering you is so overwhelming you can’t get any clarity.

The first steps I share with students are practical tools to find that inner connection. It requires that you master the art of quieting your mind so that you can learn how to listen to your heart.

Step 1: Hearing the Universe

Many people find relief by being in nature. Each of us resonate with different energy that exists in specific places, if you pay attention you can feel the inner release when you are there. Think of a place that brings you comfort naturally, many have their special place outdoors or with animals.

For example, I find a great sense of peace and clarity being next to gently moving water that flows over small rocks making that trickling sound. These small creeks feel like a cleansing meditation, like a Gregorian chant sung by the water.

After I am there for a little while, just watching and listening, I lose the awareness of separation, and it feels like the gentle stream flows through my mind and body, washing away any disconnection, fear or confusion. I begin to feel the resistance fall away and I can more easily open to that flow.

Opening to that flow is the state of Being-ness that is necessary for the healthy connection to all that is. Each time I do this, it feels as if I have come back home to the Real me. Once I can feel that wonderful cellular shift in my awareness, I can hear my heart’s direction with clarity and I find a familiar sense of relief. There is great comfort in connection to the Universe.

I have also found another level of deep peace with horses. They are like a fast-track to Universal wisdom once someone learns how to Be within themselves so that they can Hear from the inner connection.

This deeper level of connection doesn’t come by just being in nature or around horses, although for those that are attuned, it is.

It is not just something that happens anytime, although for those that are practiced in the art of allowing the reciprocal connection to the Universe, it is.

This level of connection is only truly available when I come to another sentient being without any expectation. When I am open to what is there for me to hear. This is the critical key in connection and clarity. Being open to the wisdom of the Universe is the same thing. If we come with an agenda we cannot hear any guidance at all.