Hearing at the Deepest Levels | Barbara Alexander

Anna came to Epona Ridge a few months ago. She was heading toward a transition in her life and wanted time to reflect and find inner balance.

What do I need to know or do to get someone that I love to understand me the I want them to?” She held her questions in her heart as she walked into the arena to have a time of personal reflection with one of the horses.

She walked in but Cierba turned away. She headed over to the door facing away from Anna. Anna stopped and dropped her energy. She was teary thinking that this is reflecting what was going on at home.

After a few moments, Cierba turned and approached Anna and as she got closer, Anna began to see what she thought was an answer to her question. Was Cierba going to show her the way to truly connect from that heart place of understanding and acceptance?

Her energy seemed determined as she walked in Anna’s direction. Anna’s eyes filled with tears because she was feeling such a sense of love building within her. When Cierba stopped just a few feet away, Anna began reaching for her face to pet her. Each time she reached for her face, Cierba pushed back at Anna with her nose.

Anna began to turn red and tears filled her eyes. She was frustrated as Cierba stood right there, she said she felt “rejected” after the connection she had offered. Anna turned and stepped away from Cierba. If this is about the heart’s connection, what was the message? At first it felt like a dead end to Anna and then she began to understand.

In those moments facing Cierba, Anna became acutely aware of the discomfort she was feeling by taking all the responsibility in a relationship and ending up with a sense of rejection. She wondered if she needed to change her own energy in relationship to others so that she might find the depth of connection she was looking for, and if so what did she have to change?

Then something happened. I could tell there was a clear shift in Anna by the way Cierba moved in response to her. Cierba seemed to soften and settle ever-so-gently as she lowered her head and started to lick and chew.

Anna reached out again but then stopped just before touching. Cierba took a step closer, just inches from touching Anna’s hand. Then Cierba leaned forward stretching her neck out and gently reaching toward Anna until her breath and then her nose gently touched Anna’s hand.

In that moment you could hear a pin drop, followed by the sound of perfect harmony… Anna was hearing at the deepest levels.

Her face brightened as she thanked Cierba and gave her a big hug before she turned to come out of her session. Anna shared “It isn’t just one or the other, it takes the willingness of two gen-tled hearts. I can’t make things change in someone else, but I can change myself. In following my heart, I open to the possibility for those around me to soften – and if they can, we will find our way to move into a new harmony together.”

We all learned from that experience and as you can imagine, there wasn’t a dry eye in the group.