Finding Intuition and Accessing it in the Modern Day World | Barbara Alexander

How did we get ourselves into this situation where we, as individuals, suffer a disconnect from our intuitive nature? At one time or another, we all question our career, personal relationships, or the mystery of genuine success, but most have no clue how to find the answers.

It wasn’t until I had reached the top in my field that I realized there was a significant flaw in my success, I was missing a crucial component – the courage to follow my intuitive guidance, the courage to listen to my heart. To get the job done, I was hiding from myself by ignoring the signs of burnout. My inner world was imploding, and I had no clue how to make it right.

Women have long had different leadership qualities from men, but up until recently, we have had to change them to compete. When, in fact, a women’s genuine success can lie in her balance, relying on her instincts and intuition, that is if she can still find them.

In the equine world, male horses play and fight with a gender-specific method of dominance and submission. In games of dominance, there is always the winner, and looser and the more dominant individuals frequently display power just because they can. Male horses can be quite rough in the use of harsh tactics and are always in the game of the competition. One could say that some humans mirror these same attributes.

Female horses, on the other hand, work together in the herd. Lead mares share the role of leading and use their advanced, intuitive intelligence for the survival of the whole. They decide where and when to graze, to find water, to move away from danger, or to fight. They gather the herd when needed, but they do not force submission. They are beloved and trusted leaders based on their grounded balance and intuitive leadership skill.

How do we make a shift from trying to mimic the dominance-based model we have had for so long to that of the intuitive and co-creative model that has developed over hundreds of thousands of years in the natural world?

It required the development of training specifically for the feminine side of leadership that incorporates some very unusual methods.

Uniquely skilled at intuiting energy, horses co-facilitate during coaching with immediate feedback to the most subtle energy.

This level of awareness provides invaluable information for men and women to learn about themselves and the energetic impact they may or may not realize they are projecting.

Intuitive training develops the tools to interpret your environment and what is virtually beyond words allowing you to respond accurately and modulate personal energy for greater clarity, leadership presence, and inner balance no matter what is going on around you.


The Four Keys to Improve Your Intuitive Nature

  1. Personal Balance through emotional intelligence – provides clarity of mind, body, and spirit in response to life.
  2. Intuitive Intelligence and mindfulness – needed to navigate personal and business environments.
  3. Energetic Intelligence – to effectively modulate personal presence, empower leadership in others and set appropriate boundaries.
  4. Bravery and Self-Confidence to break through the cultural norm and make the soul’s choice a reality (marriage choices, business choices, personal choices, health and medical choices, etc.)


Enjoy an immersion into a women’s retreat with horses who have become the perfect trainers in the development of the human instinct. Barbara Alexander shares practical skills that improve intuitive intelligence for business and personal well-being. Intuitive development training helps individuals translate what is essentially beyond words providing crucial information for interpersonal clarity.

There is a growing need for training that empowers the unique strengths of feminine voice of leadership. Training with a horse teaches individuals how to effectively modulate personal energy in a way that builds trusted leadership presence and clear direction.

Learn more about this in our upcoming workshops, The Invaluable Human Instinct