The Energy of Love is Palpable | Barbara Alexander

It is in the precious moments that I know that we are here together to be more of who we are than we ever were alone.

Zorro, my beautiful white Andalusian, is a powerful healer who has ministered at my side to hundreds of people over the years. One night everything seemed to stand still and I was given another gift that felt like a great deepening in my life.

I once saw a post about a photographer who worked with strangers that he would gather from those walking down the street. These were seemingly random people who were unlikely companions. Each person would be posed with total strangers as caring and compassionate friends. They were not expecting anything from the “photo relationship” but what they found was amazing. One by one the strangers experienced a shift in their own energy and began to feel some-how connected to the person(s) they were photographed alongside. I love these kinds of stories because they give us insight for a greater potential, the potential of the moment, the potential of love.

It is always a surprise when we realize that there are trillions of moments of love that are there for us, the moments when you learn something new about the heart and our connection.

The following was one of those moments…

I stood there with Zorro as he was sedated and then had his eye and surrounding tissue poked and prodded in search of injury and foreign objects.

Years ago I was a regular in the various doctor’s offices with my son who was also poked and prodded trying to figure out what was wrong. As a parent or a guardian we can only ask questions and do the research but in the end we must finally trust, allowing those who we have agreed to have help us do their job while we do what we can to offer some relief through our love and comfort.
I stood with Zorro during the procedure offering the only things I had to soothe him, my love and healing Reiki energy that I could feel flowing though me. I could feel his life energy right there with me too… listening and trying to separate himself from what was inevitably going on.

I was whispering in his ear how much I loved him, how sorry I was that he had to go through this, and how proud I was of him for being so brave and trusting me. It seemed to go on forever. From time to time I worried about even worse damage that could occur with each flinch. Even through the sedation he could feel it and occasionally pulled away from the blunt instrument that was poking into the surrounding tissue of his eyeball.

I had moments when I wondered if I had done the right thing, called the right doctor, made the right decision. That was when I had to let go and everything started to morph into a dream. Oh I was still present with the doctor but I had joined Zorro from a deeper place.

When it was over and the veterinarian had left for the night we were there alone. It was unusually cold and my legs began to numb but my hands never left the warmth of his side. I could feel the heat from the injury and the warmth of his breath on me as I touched his muzzle.

During those moments he snuggled his large head gently against me. Dizzy with sedation, his eyes closed as his body drooped. His ear was in the perfect place to hear me as if asking for more. I began to recount how much he had done for so many people in his lifetime and how much he has done for me as I have learned through him about being a better human.

I could feel the soft tufts of hair from his ear against my lips as I whispered deep into his heart. “I am so proud of you and so thankful you chose to join me in this life… “

At some point there were no more words needed, just being. The energy of love was palpable.