Can't Find Your Inspiration? | Barbara Alexander

When I started this co-creative process with the Universe I was opened to a whole new way of seeing and being in the world. Over the last twelve years I have noticed an ever increasing desire in the women who come here and that is the desire to learn how to live more fully aligned with their heart and inspiration.

What can we do to find our inspiration and what are the keys to creating fulfillment along our life journey?

What needs to change within ourselves to help support an even more joy-filled and abundant life?

What can we do to stay connected to our heart’s guidance and soul’s inspiration?

I have learned that in order to find our path, we have to take an active role in effectively listening to our heart and soul connection.

The trouble for most women comes when we override the heart-speak because the way we have practiced living our lives along with the work habits we have created along the way.

Learning how to shift that experience and move towards a more deeply fulfilling life requires an overriding desire to make the shift of conscious focus.

Our lives are always offering new perspectives, daily we have opportunities to tune into new inspirations but many of us block this process without realizing it. We are the ones that create our own resistance through the powerful effects of thought energy.

Thought energy comes from our mindset and focus. You may be unconsciously spending your time thinking about everything going on around you, busy rehashing yesterday and worrying about tomorrow. This kind of focused thought creates focused energy pulling you in the direction of your thought. The byproduct of focused thought energy is the manifestation of that energy.

If you are finding that you don’t like what you are feeling, then you know you have been spending way too much time creating negative thought energy.

Many of us, even those who have been practicing this for a long time, find ourselves inadvertently out of alignment with what we want for our lives. That’s when having someone who understands this process helps you get right back on track.

It is a skill to be able to move through the steps of realignment. When you understand that when you feel bad, what you are thinking is a pattern of response that can be interpreted more clearly when you tune into the message behind the discomfort.

So, if you feel bad, you only create more discomfort by focusing on what is wrong, which in turn takes you deeper into the direction you are trying to change.

Focusing on the desired experience, in other words, the message behind the emotion, you can create a monumental change in your energy and alignment for what you really want to find in your life.

What are you thinking about these days? You can always tell by how you feel.

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