Too Busy to Find Your Inner Calling? | Barbara Alexander

I believe an inner calling comes to each of us in subtle ways, and the subtlety of that calling becomes the song of your heart. Your job, should you desire to find your greatest potential, is to learn how to listen.

When your life is filled with busyness of the things you have-to-do, you forget you created it all by the choices you made.

Abraham-Hicks shared at a recent conference that as human beings, we always have choice, our lives are based in freedom – even the freedom to choose bondage.

Why would anyone choose bondage?

I know the feeling when life slips into autopilot and I start living in reaction to the things or people. The day gets filled with long lists of to-dos, family, bills, home, business… and a feeling of “stuck-ness” can build over time.

Though at first it may be subtle, the inner calling to your own survival begins to get louder and louder. Some hear it early on and respond by changing and realigning their life. Others try to ignore the symptoms and continue to push on, mistakingly thinking that things will change… but they never do.

Many who choose to ignore their own well being can experience less than subtle manifestations of the inner voice. If you are aware you will notice a correlation to the things that force you to slow down, potentially resulting in physical pain and/or sickness.

I remember when this happened to me. I had known deep down for several years that I couldn’t keep living on adrenalin, but still I pushed on. My focus, towards what I thought was success, overrode my attention to the intuitive voice within that was calling me in another direction.

Intuitive guidance can feel like a sense of off-ness, but if you listen within, you will understand the message. Life requires fluid adjustments in order to move forward with greater ease.

Your ability to tune in and listen to your inner calling is known as intuitive intelligence. This level of intelligence is your access to an ever-expanding intelligence of “mind” that is infinitely more fulfilling.

What if this intuitive information offers the keys to life expansion, real success and ultimate joy?

We know the mind-body connection links thought to physical well-being. In other words, your thoughts impact the health and well-being of your body. It has been a grown subject of scientific study for years, and the more we learn the more exciting it becomes. Thoughts, directly and cumulatively, impact the body’s health and ability to heal. But there is even more.

Scientific studies at Heartmath Institute show the heart’s coherence with electromagnetometers (EMA). It authenticates the electromagnetic emission of non-verbal energy that is communicating from our bodies all the time. What science is now proving, animals have known for eons. We are communicating volumes without every speaking a word.

In experiential work with horses, I have found a physically clear response to energy, especially the energy of dissonance within humans who are in proximity to the horse. Horses physically react by moving away from dissonance and conversely, congruence, head and heart coherence, creates the desire to commune.

This not only verified the physical response of discomfort that occurs with dissonance, but possibly even more importantly, it pointed out the natural instinct and desire for cohesion and alignment within a coherent group. The simplicity yet complexity is astounding and the potential for human expansion; infinite.

What if this is just the tip of the iceberg?

What if your body, through an inner calling, is actually helping you to tap into infinite intelligence?

Is it possible that your body is trying to provide the necessary information, not only for health and wellbeing, but for inspiration and direction with others?

There is a secret level of awareness that is essential for sustainable success, personally and professionally. It was through the work of Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado, who have dedicated their lives to the mastery of horsemanship, that I found some of the most essential keys for interpersonal connection and benevolence that creates cohesion.

Having worked in the field of leadership development and team-building for two decades, I wanted to provide something greater that energetically empowered individuals to succeed, and these two extraordinary horsemen helped me find the missing links.

Creating coherence in a team had always been an elusive skill that was largely untapped because was not easily measurable. Now we have the tools that provide instant feedback and unparalleled training. Great leadership thrives with intuitive intelligence and personal congruence. Mastering these skills, a leader can inspire the world.

What if this is what it is all about?

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