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Building Trust Isn’t Just Skin Deep

We knew our thoughts mattered – we just didn’t realize how much. Scientific studies discover more each day about the powerful impact of thought on the world around us.

The effects of thought are felt outside the body in electromagnetic waves of non-verbal energy. So, if you believed that you could put up a strong front and fool others as to what you are thinking, you need to think again. If you truly want to build trust, you must first earn it by being trustworthy inside and out.

Studies have proven that thoughts and intentions can dramatically impact our health and well-being. But what we didn’t know is that how you feel, and what you think, can have a direct impact on others that are around you.

Positive thought and expectation release a natural peptide hormone and neuropeptide called oxytocin which plays a huge role in bonding, whereas negative thought or expectation creates separation. If you silently harbor negative feelings or thoughts, no matter how well you think you hide it, you mistakingly believe that no one knows.

Building a cohesive team requires that you be adept at earning trust.

In addition to the obvious skills and expertise necessary for leadership, there is a secret skill that is essential for sustainable success. It was through the work of Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado, who’ve dedicated their lives to horsemanship, artistry, and connection within the equine herd, that I found the essential skills to build unparalleled trust and joy as a leader in our human arena.

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