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Epona Ridge

True Belonging is a Spiritual Practice, and it’s About the Ability to Find Sacredness
in Both Being a Part of Something but Also the Courage to Stand Alone.

Each Individual Light

"It is very difficult to understand what anybody else's experience is. There aren't enough words to really understand what anybody else is living. Physical beings want things to be the same. They want people to think the same. You work rather hard at sameness, but you...

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Living and Loving in the Moment

Have you ever had that feeling in your belly so deep that you can sense it touching your spinal cord at the base of your back? That's what happens for me when the heart of something that happens stops me in the moment. Everything slows down. I can feel a churning in...

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What Makes Your Heart Sing?

We all have patterns of behavior under pressure that block us from seeing clearly. The key is to learn how to decode the guidance indicated from the discomfort so you can navigate towards what you need.

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Tuning My Vibration

I have found incredible comfort knowing that we can affect our own life experience, no matter what. I recently heard a wonderful segment of Abraham-Hicks talking about our guidance. They said "Who-you-really-are is always calling you, it never fails and it never...

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What Was Once Impossible…

I heard "What was once impossible is now easy" yesterday in conversation and I knew that the meaning struck a deep cord in my memory. When I look back at almost every huge learning opportunity in my life, I can remember experiencing fearful or anxious times of not...

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