Are You Riding Around on Your Broom? | Barbara Alexander

I felt it all day yesterday, like somehow my thoughts were disconnected from my intention. It was like my thoughts had a mind totally separate from my own and it just didn’t feel like the me I know I am.

I jokingly told my friend that it felt like I was just flying around on my broom, I was stuck in a pattern of crabbiness, focused on everything that wasn’t working the way I wanted it to.

Have you ever had one of those days?

My desire is to always feel the balance of love deep within myself, and to continually experience the flow of spirit in my life… “Yea sure” you say?

Seriously, I had to go check the calendar to see if something somewhere was in retrograde, because I was sure it wasn’t coming from me. But then I remembered…

It’s all about the spiral and our continual growth. It seems we get to a new plateau, where our lives are feeling whole and balanced, where life seems to flow in the most glorious ways and we are content once again. That lasts for awhile and then something happens and we get thrown off course, (or even off a horse 🙂 and we are given a whole new opportunity to learn and grow to a new level.

That is where I was yesterday. I was given such an opportunity to find my balance amongst all of the chaos, but I was stuck in where I was and found myself flying all over the place. By the end of the day, I didn’t talk to anyone because I didn’t even want to hear myself talk anymore!

It was a good sign for me to see how the contrast to my inner balance had gotten so uncomfortable that I began to see the humor in it. Somehow I had gotten myself all tied up in knots and I finally began to take the steps that get me back into alignment again.

Everything started to fall back into place today… which was no surprise. I have practiced and know the steps, I just needed to take them.

There was something else that helped me find that balance even more soundly. A friend’s father passed away last night, and then I heard from another whose father passed yesterday as well.

Today I called my 94-year-old parents just to check in once again, just to hear their voices and to share the silly things that were going on in our lives.

It’s interesting how what really matters in life, can come quickly back into focus if we just let it in…