Are You Paying Attention? | Barbara Alexander

So what is the empowering transformation happening within so many women? What is this ‘inner awakening’ that we are being pulled towards?

Something very wondrous is happening … For some who have learned to listen within, it feels invigorating and inspirational. You stand fully ready to embrace the YOU-you-came-here-to-be, tuning in for guidance every step of the way.

But for others who have not honed these skills, it can

feel like a sacred void – because most of us were never taught how to hear or honor our greatest guidance and mentor, our own inner wisdom.

Many women are feeling a growing discomfort at work and in personal relationships, some are living with confusion about what they really want, and many have a sense of not belonging or being understood.

This is a time when some of the most profound realizations can become clear. These are the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) clues that you are moving towards a shift that can change your life and reset you on a course for happiness.

We are being called to tune into the wisdom that resides within each of us, that subtle heart voice that can help us stay aligned with our own unique path so that our greatest gifts can be shared and we can enjoy our lives and thrive in this world.

I grew up in the generation of women who could do it all, get married, raise a family, and have a career. But I found there was something deeply lacking.

After working with well over a thousand women and through my own personal path, I have found that the keys to being successful in business are far different than the keys to sustaining personal balance and finding a happy life.

I believe an inner calling comes to each of us, in subtle ways at first. If we are not aware, we may be tuning out our inner callings due to our overriding busyness.

You can rest assured that you cannot tune this out forever.

What I am finding is that the emptiness that women feel, comes from our inability to hear messages that are growing stronger, calling you to shift and change in the experience of your life – so that you may find the happiness you came here to live.