28,835 days or more | Barbara Alexander

Sometimes, life takes a turn that can shift your world on its axis. I know you know that too.
For me, it was the loss of my parents.

Although losing a parent can be both difficult and heart-wrenching, I found something else, totally unexpected. I learned about another way of being with those on this blessed journey — the importance of following my heart and allowing my soul to be free to guide my days.

In fact, something spectacular happened as I sat next to mom’s bed and gently combed her hair, as her life here on earth approached its conclusion.

She was not in any pain nor on any medication, just fully present and smiling as she looked into my eyes. We sat this way suspended in time, feeling immersed in pure positive energy – so familiar and so completely loving.

It was as if I was catching a tiny glimpse of heaven.

Familiar, yet even if I tried, I could not clearly recall when I had felt such unconditional freedom and love before.

Is there a way to live free from worry, fear, anger, sadness, and to connect with another being from pure positive energy as a standard course in life? 

I know that the answer to this is yes.

In retrospect, I can see the stark contrast and burden we all often carry. Many times unknowingly – compared to those moments of complete freedom and unconditional love, which are utterly profound. I can only surmise that each of us builds a level of tolerance in this earthly life based on our own experience and developed resistance.

As I sat with my mom, the contrast of pure positive energy was both astounding and intoxicating. There was no awareness of worry, no attachment to outcomes, no judgment of right or wrong, no defensiveness…

Just deep love and gratitude.

I know this is the love that transcends our earthly experience, and this is how she will be with me forever and into eternity.

None of us knows how long we are here on earth, but I do know this; my cup runs over with deep appreciation for the gift my mother showed me, and that gift has changed my life.

The time with my mom was pivotal. I’ve since stepped back and taken more time to savor life, to learn and to be open to what comes next.

I know, without a doubt, that we can all live a life filled with purpose and joy, if only we allow ourselves to listen to our hearts.

I suspect you seek that profound and deep meaning in your life as well.

You can achieve more inner balance, happiness, contentment, and to live a joyful life.

We only have 86,400 seconds in every day.

And if we’re lucky, 28,835 days or more on this earth.

Don’t waste another day, not another second of your life just going through the motions.

I didn’t create the short video I’m about to recommend, but I do highly encourage you to click below to watch it.

The video is only 164 seconds long. I know you’ll be glad you watched it. AND you will still have 82,236 seconds left in your day to spend any way you wish.