There Are Five Roles of Leadership! Which one are you?

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The Truth Is:  Women Leaders Are Wearing Many Hats When It Comes
To Leadership.


Busywomen2-1024x569We are entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, we are teachers, doctors and lawyers, we are mothers, caretakers and volunteers, we are the women of today.

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes… With different strengths. Different skills. Different backgrounds. And different goals. But we all have one thing in common: It’s our DESIRE to make things better and to feel success and joy throughout our lives at home, at work, and in our communities.

If you've got THAT, I believe you have the most important ingredient. BUT... Every great leader has to master multiple skills in order to succeed.

Most of us naturally gravitate to one or two personal strengths but from there we need to understand our own gaps if we want to bring a greater ease into our lives as leaders, teachers and healers.

Different types of women leaders succeed in different ways. So the question is: What TYPE of leader are YOU?  Well…

Let's Answer That Question Right Now…


Maybe you're a woman who's in a leadership role

But … You feel burned out and at times overwhelmed. Maybe you’re angry because you feel like you're not valued for your insight and skills…

Maybe you're tired of the office drama and just want more balance in your life…

Or maybe you just wish you could could find that spark of inspiration once again...You see, it all comes down to your specific situation. You'll face unique challenges. But you'll also have some exceptional advantages.

Once you figure out what type of leader you are, you can overcome the challenges and make the MOST out of your core strengths. Plus, you can learn from leaders who already did what you're trying to do and have experienced some of the things you are going through on a daily basis.

And luckily, I can help you with that...

Here's why:

roundbarbaraI’m Barbara Alexander and I worked in the corporate arena for two of the top performance improvement companies in the world, I specialized in the fields of employee motivation, team building and leadership training for over 15 years.

I’ve helped over a thousand women uncover their own keys to more heart aligned leadership both in their careers and personal lives, bringing greater joy, inner fulfillment and clarity of purpose.

Through years of research and collaboration, we have begun to understand the core of why so many women in leadership roles never feel fulfilled. It comes down to three things; the lack of a foundation for sustained inner balance, adequate skills of intuitive intelligence and the developed use of all five roles of great leadership - now you can learn where you are in that spectrum.

So, to help you figure out YOUR type, I need you to answer a few short questions. And you’ll find out exactly what type of leader you are.

Plus, there is a free case study that includes advanced strategies for women in leadership today and both are FREE. Just answer these short questions right here.

What type of leader are you?

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