New Innovations In
The Mind, Body, and Spirit, of Leadership

After years of working in traditional leadership development and fortune 500 companies, Barbara discovered how a horse provides the missing link for functional assimilation of skills-based training.

Strengthening intuitive awareness and interpersonal energy becomes much easier to understand when individuals have an opportunity to complete a task with a 1200 pound horse. We quickly learn how to interpret non-verbal gut response with information critical to success.

Interpersonal Energy
Makes or Breaks a Leader

Many men and women have put on the “leadership hat” only to find a steady spiral to dissatisfaction, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Now we have the ability to teach skills with functional results based on personal energy awareness and a healthy balance of both the masculine and feminine strengths within us all.

It’s clear in the office, as well as the equine arena, what creates ease and forward momentum and what causes sadness, confusion and chaos. The bottom line is your personal energy can either block or empower the freedom and creativity for success in today’s world.

How Does It Work?

Personal presence excels with intuitive and social intelligence. Leaders who embrace these skills become adept at creating receptive environments that in turn empower collaboration and innovation. Empowered and cohesive teams result in greater productivity and success.

Classroom training begins with the expanded leadership strengths evaluation in the 5 Roles of Leadership. Following classroom training, the experiential work with horses begin. The strengths evaluation combined with experiential training provide powerful insight to step into any business environment with greater ease. These invaluable sessions are uniquely targeted towards individual strengths and gaps in leadership presence. The outcome provides functional skills to effectively lead with an authentic and benevolent source of energy.

Who Benefits

Workshops are designed for everyone who desires to achieve more fulfillment in life no matter what your position.

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  • How to make the most of your unique leadership qualities
  • Discover potential gaps in your skills
  • Tools to embody leadership roles with integrity and authenticity
  • Skills to build collaboration and innovation within your sphere of influence
  • Confidence to step into your brilliance

The Body, Mind, and Spirit of Connection

Frederic Pignon, Magali Delgado, and Barbara Alexander present a workshop founded on the belief that the journey to genuine connection is built on our ability to create trust and inspiration. Training in these skills, through this carefully designed program, provides a better understanding of the subtle cues in the dance between human and horse.

Women's Leadership and Personal Power Training

Leaders wear many hats; we are teachers, health care professionals, parents, business leaders, entrepreneurs, caregivers… In today's world, we need inner balance and the ability to tap into the intuitive wisdom within if we are going to create a greater tomorrow.

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