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Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado, Originators of Cavalia, Join Barbara Alexander For A Special Retreat In Provence

July 10-16, and July 17-23, 2022
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Two Incredible Retreats


In a new land, the simplest of joys can be profound—and life takes on a new quality because of the energy in which we come together. Time stands still when we immerse ourselves in a world of sensory awareness, exploration, and the practice of skills that quiet the mind and open the heart to the non-verbal world of connection.

July 10-16 The Life We Share Retreat: Our first session takes us on a profound journey into the co-creation between human and horse. Frederic and Magali invite us to experience Nomades!, their new Equine Theater Spectacular, on multiple levels in the first retreat. We will have an unprecedented opportunity to discover what Frederic and Magali have mastered through a lifetime of living with horses. This retreat includes training at liberty, riding with ease, intuitive development, AND provides the incredible excitement of Nomades! 

July 17-23 From Technique to Delight Retreat offers three areas of development; riding with ease and working in-hand with Magali’s talented stallions, co-creating at liberty with the incredible Frederic and his impressive herd, and personal growth in the intuitive science of connection with Barbara and the Delgado Breed of horses. Everyone is welcome, and no previous equine experience is necessary. This program will take you beyond technique to absolute delight!


The schedule below is subject to change.
Previous Equine Experience Is Not Necessary

The Magic Of Provence & An Intimate Journey Into Equine Theater

Day 1: Arrival 4:00 pm
Welcome To An Evening Of NOMADES! 

Day 2: Training With Horses: After your arrival and an incredible evening experience of Frederic and Magali’s new equine spectacular, today you will have the opportunity to train with the stars! 

Day 3:  Training With Horses

Day 4: Day of Integration At Leisure: Enjoy the pool at the chateau and the medieval villages that surround us. You can’t experience Provence without at least one trip to the markets, and a scoop of lavender ice cream is a must! 

Day 5: Becoming Part Of The Herd: Experiential Learning with Horses. 

Day 6:  Training For Performance: During the day you will enjoy a rare opportunity to understand the art of heart-connected performance. Here you will learn the personalities of each horse and how co-creation works. This evening the show experience offers an entirely different perspective. Watching the performance while knowing each horse’s nature and the workings behind the scenes takes on a depth that brings tears to your eyes. Following the show is a VIP celebration!

Day 7: Departure 10:00 am. * Those staying for the second week enjoy a bonus day and a half at leisure.

Liberty, Riding, Intuitive Development
Previous equine experience is not necessary

Day 1: Arrivals 4:00 pm At leisure at our private villa. Welcome dinner! 

Day 2: Experiential learning with horses, Frederic, Magali, and Barbara. Full-day training

Day 3: Experiential learning with horses, Frederic, Magali, and Barbara. Full-day training

Day 4: Day at Leisure

Day 5: Experiential learning with horses, Frederic, Magali, and Barbara. Full-day training

Day 6: Experiential learning with horses, Frederic, Magali, and Barbara. Full-day training

Day 7: Departure Day 10:00 am

Who Is This Retreat For?

This program is not only powerful artistically and inspirationally, but it is also invaluable in personal and professional development for those who want to learn more about themselves through an adventure with horses. Due to the nature of this work, it is important that all participants and facilitators are a good fit for this retreat. We are dedicated to an event that brings the greatest environment for learning for everyone. Previous horse experience not necessary.

Provence, France
The beautiful French countryside offers a different pace of life and a new meaning to personal balance. Our stay includes gracious lodging and authentic French cuisine.

Join us in the magic at the family farm of Frederic Pignon, Magali Delgado and the Delgado family whose life work has been dedicated to horses.

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Our Programs In Provence!

Provence Program Tuition


$5,395 Per Person/Double Occupancy
$795 Add-On For Private Accommodations
(Register for both weeks and receive a bonus day –
Plus $1,000 credit towards tuition)


Retreat Package Includes Group Meals, Lodging, all Materials, and Activities. Does Not Include Transportation

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(Cancellation Policy: Due to the nature of the deposits required, this tuition is non-refundable unless we are forced to cancel due to extenuating circumstances. We always suggest you secure travel insurance for your entire trip. Registration and tuition deposits must be submitted in order to confirm space in the workshops. Accommodations, group meals, and all listed activities are included in your tuition. Transportation and optional excursions are on your own.)


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