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Facilitator Mentorship Training

For those of you who dream to create community of like-minded people, who long to help the healing, and birth the world you want to live in, give yourself the permission to do what you have been waiting for all of your life!

It is a powerful journey to walk in this world with inner balance and inspiration that stems from the alignment of your soul.

You may be wondering how you could become a healer, teacher, coach, or leader, that makes a real difference in this world.

But there is only one way I can teach these skills, and it takes a personal commitment to develop your own intuitive, emotional, and physical wisdom.

In other words, you need to learn how to walk your talk to become a great healer/teacher/leader of today.

It is through the deepening of your life mastery that YOU LEARN TO EMBODY THE SKILLS THAT GENUINELY SHIFT LIVES, and it is a beautiful journey of becoming who your heart is calling you to be.

In this mentorship, I will personally guide you on that journey and support your inner clarity, stability, and brilliance.

This is an academy for THE SACRED YOU…

Multi-Month Mentorship Program

4 In-Person Workshop Sessions

Because my background is both in business development and personal growth facilitation, I have discovered great joy in private training, providing individualized focus with unique curriculum development.

Because of this, I take only a limited number of students each year so that I can personally be dedicated and highly focused versus teaching in large group classes or with student teachers.

This multi-month training includes 4 in-person workshops, in addition to zoom conferences, on-line training, and coaching calls.

The in-person workshops include personal development, energy modulation training, boundaries for healing work, equine facilitation methodology, curriculum development, and the art of facilitation for personal growth development.

Intuitive Skills Development
This curriculum is designed to enhance advanced intuitive skills for leaders and facilitators. Experiential training with horses provides a clear tool that reflects strengths and gaps in great leadership. By the end of the program you will have learned the skills to effectively empower success in others by developing greater multi-sensory awareness and intuitive intelligence.

Training with horses in this program provides the essential keys to master personal and interpersonal energy. As a facilitator, teacher, or leader, intuitive intelligence is a foundational key to soul-based success.

High Content Training
Throughout the year you will also get high-level, content-rich training where I will teach you all my secrets, strategies, and tips for how to create your own highly empowering retreats. Many of the training modules are on-line and available to you throughout the program.

5 Spot Coaching Calls
No matter how intentional and focused we may be in our lives, we all have those moments where we just need an instant shift, some key guidance, and some quick support.

Private Coaching Calls Twice Per Month
Some of the most important life skills are the ones that create inner balance. This program is designed with unique and high-value components that support you and your personal wellbeing as you learn how to bring your facilitation gifts to the world.

Coaching calls are designed to help you stay on target, answer questions from the self-study modules, review case studies, and provide personal support throughout the program.

Personal Onsite Experience Facilitating Others
When you teach something, you gain the opportunity to learn it at a deeper level. Supervised facilitator training is where you genuinely enter the mastery of your work.

During your Mentorship program, you will have the opportunity to create marketing plans, practice facilitation, and hold sacred space for others, all while having my direct supervision and guidance to help ensure your comfort, skills, and success going forward.

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Who Would Benefit From the Mentorship Program?

The Facilitator Mentorship provides the tools to navigate group facilitation in  heart-based personal development.

Whether you want to be a coach, teacher, business leader, or you are deeply interested in advancing your personal life journey, this program will help focus your heart’s vision into tangible form.

During your time of the study, you will develop and learn how to teach higher intuitive skills for business and personal life, and you will discover the critical steps to facilitate amazing retreats and individual programs.

What Do I Do Next?

If you’re heart is saying YES!, please know that the Facilitator Mentorship Program is by application only.

Request an application by clicking on the Get More Information button on this page. We will set up an interview to make sure that we are a good match and that this is the best time for you.