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Master the Skills of Facilitation

Do you want to learn how to facilitate retreats that enrich the world?

Do you want to create a career that embraces your life’s journey?

Do you want to train in the skill and art of Equine Experiential Learning?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you will want to watch the video below and learn more about
the Facilitator Mentorship Program starting this year!

Once in awhile, people take the time to assess their lives and where they are.

Those who have been in the Mentorship with me are doing this with a deeper sense of meaning and understanding of how powerful it is to walk in this world with more clarity and inspiration that comes from alignment with their heart’s calling.

People who want to be healers, teachers, coaches, and leaders want my advice on how to lead in ways that empower, uplift and inspire passion in life. But there is only one way I can teach these skills and it takes personal commitment and practice. It is through the deepening of your own life mastery that you embody the art and skill that can truly shift lives.

It is a beautiful journey of becoming aligned with who our heart is calling us to be and in this program, we practice the tools that support inner clarity, create stability and expand personal brilliance.

Multi-Month Mentorship Program

In-Person Workshop Sessions
Throughout the program, we will meet in person for individualized facilitator training. Additional training occurs online, via teleconference, and coaching calls. The in-person sessions offer holistic training that includes personal balance, skills to create healthy boundaries in healing work, methodology, curriculum development and facilitator skills development.  Workshops will be at Epona Ridge, in Asheville, NC.

Strategic and Personal Alignment Sessions
This comprehensive program includes additional high level support in between the 4 retreats to build on your progress with personal continuity. There are private one on one coaching sessions with Barbara.

Intuitive Skills Development
This curriculum is designed to enhance advanced intuitive skills for leaders and facilitators. Experiential training with horses provides a clear tool that reflects strengths and gaps in great leadership. By the end of the program you will have learned the skills to effectively empower success in others by developing greater multi-sensory awareness and intuitive intelligence.

Training with horses in this program provides the essential keys to master personal and interpersonal energy. As a facilitator, teacher, or leader, intuitive intelligence is a foundational key to soul-based success.

High Content Training
Throughout the year you will also get high-level, content-rich training where I will teach you all my secrets, strategies, and tips for how to create your own highly empowering retreats.

Spot Coaching Calls
No matter how intentional and focused we may be in our lives, we all have those moments where we just need an instant shift, some key guidance, and some quick support.

Group Forum
Communicate, brainstorm and give each other ideas and encouragement throughout the year. – In our growth work, it’s crucial that we are supported by likeminded people who truly WANT us to succeed and expand. This is where you’ll find that encouragement and help throughout your year.

Personal Alignment Practices
Some of the most important life skills are the ones that create inner balance. This program is designed with unique and high-value components that support you and your personal well being as you bring your gifts to the world.

Personal Onsite Experience Facilitating Others
This is where you truly enter the mastery of your work. During our Mentorship program, you will have the opportunity to create your own marketing plan, facilitate your own equine therapy retreat on site – while having my direct supervision and guidance to help insure your comfort and success in the process. That way, when you start creating your own programs, you will be centered and grounded in the experience you’ve already had.

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Who Would Benefit From the Mentorship Program?

The Facilitator Mentorship at Epona Ridge was created to support inner balance and well being through deliberate focus on the skills of personal alignment and the tools to navigate facilitation of others on the path to personal growth and well being.

Whether you want to be a coach, teacher, business leader, equine therapy facilitator, or just interested in advancing your own personal journey, this program brings your greatest life and work vision into tangible form.

During your time of study, you will gain greater intuitive skills for business and personal life and you will learn the critical steps needed to facilitate amazing retreats and individual programs. Through the experiential work with the horses in equine experiential learning you will train in the 90% of communication that is non-verbal, a skill where the horses are master teachers.

What Do I Do Next?

If you’re heart is saying YES!, please know that the Facilitator Mentorship Program is by application only.

Request an application by clicking on the Get More Information button on this page. We will set up an interview to make sure that we are a good match and that this is the best time for you.

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