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Time To Reset In Asheville, NC!

In the last year, we have all been challenged to stop and take time out from everyday life as we had known it.

Many feel a profound shift and deeper appreciation for life but find themselves wondering if they really want to return to how it was before, either personally or professionally.

Could it be that we have been given a chance for a reset?

Inner work is the path to understanding the answers to these questions we have now and throughout our lives.

When you peel back the layers and undo the burdens, you reach the intuitive wisdom that helps you navigate life with grace.

This retreat offers a unique opportunity to step outside your everyday life, see your connection to the world and this moment with kind eyes— and perhaps find clarity on a new beginning.

Energy Speaks Louder Than Words

Mastering your emotional and intuitive intelligence is the path to inner balance and supports the connection for genuine relationships, collaboration, creativity, nurturing, strength, trailblazing, and wisdom.

When you take a close look, the quality of connection impacts every aspect of your life.

Horses have the unique ability to teach us how to tap into the stillness so that we can discover a level of connection that inspires the soul. 

How You Use Your Energy

Step into this magical laboratory of learning, imagine being in the arena with a 1200 pound horse who is possibly one of the most outstanding teachers on earth. The secret to genuine connection comes from learning to hear the unspoken.

How you use and modulate your energy speaks volumes to humans and horses, but most people have no idea what their personal energy is saying about them. 

Learn how to set healthy boundaries and find skills to create inner balance. 

It’s hard to believe that nature and animals can support humans in this way; they help us hear the still small voice within, and in doing so, we find inner peace.

These heart-expanding sessions are both regenerative and transformative. 


  • No previous equine experience is necessary because all experiential learning is done safely from the ground.

Why Horses Are Perfect Teachers

It is incredible how horses offer a reflection for us to understand our own life and the energy we emit in relationships.

The realtime biofeedback is exciting and the seemingly small adjustments we make in response to what we learn create tremendous results.

Whether you want to improve relationships with humans or take your relationship with horses to a whole new level, these skills are invaluable for your lifetime of happiness.

What I Learned Has Permeated Every Aspect of My Life

"The program started with an inner journey of learning, sometimes for the first time, how to really tune into our own wisdom and guidance. We learned how to listen to ourselves and be fully present with another. The horses co-facilitated with Barbara to teach us the subtle and heartfelt art of communication, setting healthy boundaries and being an authentic presence. Over my lifetime I've attended many different workshops and each has helped me along my life's path of self-awareness and connection to Spirit. What I have learned from Barbara and from her wonderful co-facilitators, the horses, is something that has radically changed my life. This inner journey left me with a core strength that has given me the ability to be fully present with another.

Dr. Nancy Kehr, D.C.

Los Angeles, CA, Asheville, NC

October 15-17, 2021
Fee: $700

Day One: 7:30-9:00
Day Two: 9:00 – 5:00
Day Three: 9:00 – 3:30

Includes lunch each day, snacks, all materials, and experiential equine sessions.