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Taking The Lead in Your Life

A Personal Development Mentorship

Have you spent a lifetime working and learning? Are you ready for the next level of personal development, the kind that creates ease in life and allows your soul to expand in the most joyous ways?


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Defining what success means is an individual journey of discovery, especially when it comes to working. Eventually, most of us find that without personal fulfillment, no amount of money or fame feeds the soul.

I can tell you after working with hundreds of women, that the frustration from feeling stuck is what blocks our ability to move forward. While you may desire change you may have no idea how to create it.

Whether you work for a corporation, you’re an entrepreneur, or in transition to creating something new, today’s world calls for us to make choices that include mindfulness, healthy boundaries, and personal integrity – at work and at home.

Creating a life that feeds the mind, body, and spirit requires new approaches and skills that open the doors to inner balance, freedom for creativity, and ultimately – provide the true definition of personal success.

You may be asking: How do I move forward? What happens if I need help or reassurance? What if I have questions? Who will I turn to? Who will help me hold on to my focus so that I can make this happen?  

Life Skills Mentorship

The Highest Level of
One-on-One Coaching Support

Monthly Coaching Calls

There is nothing like having a coach in your corner as you learn how to navigate your life and work. You can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars when you streamline your path with the support of a trusted coach.

During this program, you and I will be working privately twice-a-month on coaching calls where you will receive a high-level of support. These calls are designed to help keep you on track as you learn new practices and personal skills to create the life and work that you love.

Three Intensive Sessions

These development sessions are highly individualized with one on one support and strategic planning uniquely focused on YOUR life and your business. So much happens during these highly productive meetings. One of these sessions should be attended in person for experiential sessions with horses the others can be in person or on an internet meeting.

High Content Training Sessions

This is where I will share all of my best secrets for tried and true practices that lead to success both personally and professionally.

Quickstart to Personal Joy

The Quickstart to Personal Joy is an e-book for personal awareness to be used throughout the program and for life.

Lifetime Access to Portal to Purpose – A Personal Visioning Program

Personal alignment begins with awareness of our own energy and greatest inspiration. Given the chance, our bodies hold the wisdom and guidance we seek but most people don’t have the tools to access that information.

In this carefully designed process, you are guided through meditations to find the deeper heart’s vision. Each step is designed to help provide more clarity on your unique path to greater personal fulfillment. Along with the 10-meditation sessions, you receive a step-by-step workbook to keep your notes and journal for the final piece that energetically supports you.

Many of my clients use this program at the beginning of each year to fine tune their focus for the year ahead.


“This is not a program to be learned and then left on the shelf like so many notebooks from a collage class. This is an experience that changes the individual, that has changed me, in such a deep and continually evolving way that there are too many words and yet not enough to express the power of the journey.

What I learned, or rather experienced has permeated every aspect of my life.”

Dr. Nancy Kehr

Learn How to Create the
Life & Career That You Love

  • Discover Your Heart’s Vision and Find Tools to Embody this Great Resource
  • Learn How to Quiet Non-Productive Resistance and Find Inspiration
  • Train in Skills to Create Important Boundaries at Home and at Work
  • Find Personal Keys to Inner Balance, Mindfulness, and Joy

And for Entrepreneurs:

  • Develop Clear Marketing for Expansion (website design, blogging, social media)
  • Find a Step-By-Step Path To Increase Income
  • Learn the Secrets of Creating Multiple Income Streams
  • and so much more…

When Does The Next Mentorship Start?

The six-month Business Skills Mentorship begins when you are ready.

We will meet in person for three sessions and between the sessions there will be interim assignments, on-line training, and individual coaching sessions to support your progress.

Business training programs are designed and facilitated directly by Barbara Alexander for personal inspiration, creativity and clear guidance through individual attention.

What Do I Do Next?

If your heart is saying YES! fill out the consultation request by clicking on the button below and get ready to create a life that inspires your soul!

Where is the Mentorship Held?

Experiential learning intensives will be held at Epona Ridge, located in Asheville, NC. Additional intensives can be done via internet conference.