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 Intuitive Training

Barbara Alexander
Intuitive Life & Business Coach 

Intuitive training develops the gut instinct and provides invaluable skills to navigate life and work, make better decisions, feel more grounded, and bring more of your creative skills to life.

At one time or another, we all question our career, personal relationships and the mystery of genuine success. The desire for wisdom at the Soul's level is a seeker's journey that is rich in rewards.

Our programs include some of the most profound instinctual development training available today and are co-facilitated with horses. No riding is involved and no prior experience is needed.

About Barbara Alexander

“The measurement of true success is very simple,
it’s the JOY you experience in everything you do.”
Barbara’s passion is coaching women
on the path to creating a greater tomorrow…


Barbara Alexander, a facilitator, healer, and teacher, worked in the corporate arena for almost twenty years and specialized in performance improvement and leadership development. Over 12 years of research and training in the emerging field of equine experiential learning, she has developed innovative programs that participants say literally transform life both personally and professionally.

Barbara is a Master/Teacher of Reiki training over 9 years in Hong Kong and the US. She interned in Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) for two years with Linda Kohanov and is a certified instructor in The Power of the Herd and The Five Roles of the Master Herder. Barbara provides coaching, retreats and mentorships for soulful business development, equine coaching, and Reiki training for humans and animals.


Why Horses?



“These graceful, sensitive, non-predatory power animals quite naturally teach something that feels very new to humans, and very old to equines: They show us how to run free, together—encouraging us to support each other as we also express our individuality.

When we follow their example, we learn how to protect and nourish our fellow herd members rather than use their vulnerabilities against them (as predators are apt to do). And we learn how to stand up for ourselves—without oppressing others.” -Linda Kohanov


Barbara Alexander and her horse Zorro


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