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Leadership in life isn't as much about the position you hold as it is about the way you live in relationship to yourself and others, every day. 

In this unique practice of personal energy training facilitated with the help of horses, you will learn about your own signature energy, find tools to align with innate brilliance and practice skills to more effectively navigate life with inner balance.

Experiential learning with Barbara provides skills and tools on three levels;
the outer, the inner and the secret.

The outer level is the awareness and skillful use of personal energy; the inner level is the map to balance and well-being, and the secret level is the mystery that unfolds through the brilliance of the heart. 


March 25 - 31, 2018 Provence, France
Over the years Barbara’s retreats have become a source of pure inspiration and personal transformation. This unique training with horses takes humans on an adventure in the co-creation of relationship... with life.
Learn tools to control personal energy, find inner balance, and the life skill to be fully present with an intuitive connection to others.

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Skills Development for Women

June 22-24, 2018 Asheville, NC
This retreat is designed for women to learn and practice skills in the effective use intuitive energy, emotional intelligence, and personal energy modulation to embody a new model of leadership with life balance.

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The Gifts of Vulnerability

In leadership retreats, I have noticed something wonderful happening for women who learn how to thrive with vulnerability. Even though the training is based on skills to be a better leader, they leave with significant insight into a far more enjoyable life. We may...

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Horses Teach Leadership Presence

Over the years I have seen business training programs come and go because it is virtually impossible to impart the intuitive skill necessary to embody leadership presence through books, traditional team building or motivational lectures. Nothing can replace the value...

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What You Think Matters!

Building Trust Isn’t Just Skin Deep We knew our thoughts matter – we just didn’t realize how much. Scientific studies discover more each day about the powerful impact of thought on the world around us. The effects of thought are felt outside...

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