The Journey of Great Leadership

Leadership isn’t as much about the position you hold as it is about the way you live your life. Success comes from learning how to tap into your own personal brilliance, the courage to follow your heart’s direction and the ability to navigate your life with clarity.

Training With Barbara Alexander

Experiential learning with Barbara Alexander provides skills and tools on three levels;
the outer, the inner and the secret.

The outer level is the awareness and skillful use of personal energy; the inner level is the map to balance and wellbeing; and the secret level is the mystery of your clear heart direction. 

What’s New:

Provence 2017: Horses and The Heart of Leadership

Provence, France -  April/May 2017
Life is forever changed when you learn the subtleties of connection between horses and humans. Interspecies training opens us to a world of possibility. Now we have combined this work with an exquisite retreat in Provence with Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado.

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Leadership For Today News and Articles

Do You Feel Inspired Or Is Your Brilliance Missing?

At first, everyone expects a work environment where you feel inspired, understand the goals and have minimal drama – but most of the time that’s not what you get. Do you think it naive to hold the vision of a company that feeds creativity, innovation and...

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What Overachievers Need to Know

It’s what all overachievers need to know. It’s the reason that, in the end, many high achievers feel empty of personal joy. It is also the key to our destiny of living an inspired life that shifts chaos into order. The Key to an Inspired Life It all...

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How To Find Inner Balance When You’re Triggered

Inner balance is the foundational key to true success… but it’s only attainable when your priorities are clear.   Pema Chodron, a wonderful teacher of wisdom, talked about  a Tibetan term for the feeling you get when you are triggered by something...

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