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Is your personal energy communicating what you really mean?

Only 10% of communication is verbal, that means 90% is left up to interpretation. This is why interactions in our personal or work life can be awkward or confusing leaving us less than satisfied.

Intuitive intelligence is the ability to accurately sense one another’s emotions and interpret non-verbal information - however, to develop intuitive skills, you need to learn how to process and communicate what is essentially beyond words.

With intuitive development, you can access invaluable information to navigate life, make better decisions, feel more grounded, and bring more of your creative skills to life.

That's why Barbara Alexander created unique training for women that's not only fun but powerfully rewarding -- bolstering energy and courage to take on the world before you. (Includes experiential learning with horses done safely from the ground)


The Mind, Body, and Spirit of Horsemanship
Frederic Pignon, Magali Delgado, and Barbara Alexander present workshops founded on the belief that the journey to genuine connection is built on the intuitive skills to create trust and inspiration. This workshop and training provide the opportunity to participate as well as witness skills in action through the subtle dance between humans and their horses.

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May 2018 Provence, France
Over the years these retreats have become a source of pure inspiration and personal transformation. This unique type of leadership training takes us on an adventure of inspiration, co-creation, and real connection.
This retreat develops the use and control of personal energy, builds inner balance, and expands intuitive wisdom.

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Women's Intuitive Training

2018 Asheville, NC
Learn about the effective use of personal energy, emotional intelligence, and intuitive awareness to embody mindfulness in successful leadership.

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The Gifts of Vulnerability

In leadership retreats, I have noticed something wonderful happening for women who learn how to thrive with vulnerability. Even though the training is based on skills to be a better leader, they leave with significant insight into a far more enjoyable life. We may...

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Horses Teach Leadership Presence

Over the years I have seen business training programs come and go because it is virtually impossible to impart the intuitive skill necessary to embody leadership presence through books, traditional team building or motivational lectures. Nothing can replace the value...

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What You Think Matters!

Building Trust Isn’t Just Skin Deep We knew our thoughts matter – we just didn’t realize how much. Scientific studies discover more each day about the powerful impact of thought on the world around us. The effects of thought are felt outside...

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