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 Intuitive Training

Barbara Alexander
Intuitive Life & Business Coach 

Intuitive training develops the gut instinct and provides invaluable skills to navigate life and work, make better decisions, feel more grounded, and bring more of your creative skills to life.

At one time or another, we all question our career, personal relationships and the mystery of genuine success. The desire for wisdom at the Soul's level is a seeker's journey that is rich in rewards.

Our programs include some of the most profound instinctual development training available today and are co-facilitated with horses. No riding is involved and no prior experience is needed.

Provence, France

September 27 - October 3, 2018
Over the years these retreats in Provence have become a source of pure inspiration and personal transformation! 

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Wisdom of the Heart

November 9-14, 2018  Discover the Wisdom of the Heart! 
Over the years these horses have touched the hearts of so many women. Join us in November for a personally expansive retreat that develops intuitive intelligence and the pursuit of greater joy.


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Business Mentorship

This is all about you stepping into WHO YOU CAME HERE TO BE, multiplying your joy, helping you to stay connected to your inspiration –  and staying on track by implementing the steps needed to create an income that supports your divine life.

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Interested in Hosting a Workshop?

Create a program locally by hosting a workshop. 

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When you are greeted with a nicker
and the large liquid eyes that see deep within your soul
there is nowhere else you would rather be…


When we can look upon ourselves
with this depth of love and understanding
we find more than connection…
we find our home.

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