Women Who Run Amuck | Barbara Alexander

Women are complex creatures… and sometimes we can run amuck.

As adults, how is it that we find ourselves without the skills for the mental, emotional and spiritual maturity that supports our mutual life-force and ultimate happiness?

As women emerge as a vital component in righting the destructive paths of the world, I have still witnessed unnecessary opposition.

Given where we are now, barely scratching the surface of what genuine balance might be, we as women, can sometimes be the worst adversaries.

So, why do some women go to Depth-Con-5, a term coined by a good friend and retired judge, to brutally strike at the emotional heart of another and how can we change that destructive response to create a path toward solutions? In other words, instead of annihilation, choose to embody patience with the ultimate goal of co-creation rather than separation.

Having facilitated personal growth for over 15 years, I have witnessed the beautiful and balancing wisdom women can naturally embody when we embrace our own vulnerability with curiosity. This state of balance can only be accomplished when we lose the immature response of defensive attack – either upon ourselves or our perceived attackers.

When we can shift from a state of resistance and defense to the wisdom that comes from vulnerability – we find a welcome opportunity for expansion. We stop pointing fingers at others and free ourselves to find greater insight and direction. This is how we empower the wise healer and teacher within as we navigate the beautifully diverse fields and lifestyles we have chosen.

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