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Over the years I have seen team building and leadership training programs come and go. Most traditional approaches to interpersonal training fall short in work environments. This is because we have been unable to tap into the key component for real change; the sustainable development of intuitive and social intelligence.

Today’s business requires a sophisticated integration of personal awareness and social intelligence skills to channel potentially explosive forces into a focused and benevolent source of energy. Communication skills play a crucial role, and there is no better mirror for self-awareness and interpersonal energy development than horses.

Through unique training modules including experiential learning with horses, we now have created effective tools to teach leadership presence and the skills for intuitive and social intelligence that empower collaboration and creativity within teams.

Experiential learning has become a powerful and proven approach to teaching based on one incontrovertible reality: people learn best through experience.

Experiential learning with horses offers unfamiliar experiences and unique opportunities to learn. As you have seen, the horses provide immediate and unbiased feedback. They have an unprecedented ability to tune into an individual’s energy and respond in kind, helping humans discover their strengths and gaps for clear communication as they improve skills to interpret non-verbal communication accurately. 

Most people are so focused on the end goal that they completely miss non-verbal cues. Yet, these cues provide invaluable information that helps cut through the confusion and wasted time.

Extroverted individuals often miss the subtle cues when they become overbearing, and the team’s morale and productivity suffer. Employees who are naturally more introverted often feel a lack of value because they don’t feel heard. Through various exercises and discussions, participants learn how to modulate their energy to respond appropriately to co-workers, especially under stressful situations.

I have found that these training techniques build confidence, compassion, and camaraderie as participants step outside of their typical environment and experiment with new and fun ways to improve themselves.

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Training For Your Business Team

Personal Energy Modulation Skills For Improved Communication

Experiential Training To Improve Intuitive Intelligence

Unique Team Building And Leadership Skills Training That’s FUN!

“I enthusiastically recommend Barbara’s workshop. The interaction with the horses, the thought provoking exercises and the group interaction proved transformational for me.

I look for workshops that are unique and deliver results that will improve my effectiveness as a leader, this workshop delivered!

I returned home feeling motivated and inspired, and would highly recommend this work to any high achiever who wants to take it to the next level.”

Sandy Carter

MBA, PhD, Haslett, MI

Teresa Reynolds Women In Leadership

"When individual concerns developed among my instructors, my staff and my programs, I became excellent at fixing, saving and repairing problems, but over time it became exhausting.

Through Barbara's training I've learned skills to use my own energy differently and found tools to nurture my teams through empowered accountability.

After a full year of integrating the strategies learned, my programs have become more cohesive and my teams are more adept at creating their own solutions.

The work I've done with Barbara and her extraordinary horses is completely genuine and true. My professional life is more enjoyable and personally, I’m more joyful, more peaceful, and more authentic than ever"

Teresa Reynolds

Director Professional Development, Sandhills College, Pinehurst, NC

Sales Skills Application – The Intuitive Component

Learning the skills of intuitive intelligence is the single most valuable tool for the successful sales man or woman.

A truly successful sales executive is a leader of change who is in sync with the issues and needs of their clients. Until now these skills were undefinable and seemingly embodied by only the top 10% of sales executives. It is the advanced intuitive intelligence skills that provide access to invaluable information during the sales process that dramatically effect it’s success.

Ninety percent of communication is non-verbal yet it greatly impacts the intuitive’s strategic approach and eventual close ratio. Interpersonal skills in non-verbal awareness create mutually respectful relationships and a significantly greater ability to access needed information. This level of communication helps close the gap of dead-end efforts when a sale is possible and even probable creating a more effective sales team.

For years we have searched for ways to teach advanced selling skills. Horses have now become powerful and invaluable teachers in the skills of non-verbal awareness and advanced intuitive intelligence. Through this unique work, participants are provided real time feedback for appropriate and effective interpersonal response.

This sales skills training program not only offers tools to effectively intuit non-verbal energy but it provides critical training in ways to communicate and build trust, opening doors for greater success.


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